She Talks About People by Phyllis Campbell

She Talks About People by Phyllis Campbell

The phone number in this article has been updated to reflect my current business phone.
The full titles for books referenced below are, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life and Bubba Tails From the Puppy Nursery At The Seeing Eye.
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She Talks About People
By Phyllis Campbell
Reprinted from Our Special, January-February 2018

This issue, I want to tell you about a very special woman, with a very special job.
Patty Fletcher from TN has had visual problems since birth, when she, like many, was given too much oxygen in the incubator. When she was an adult, she became totally blind.
After she successfully published her first book, "Campbell's Rambles" available on Amazon, and other online sites, she realized that she needed to take a good look at her life. Like many of us, she lacked the energy, due to health problems, to do many of the things she loved, things like writing. She wanted to write another book, she wanted a chance to promote her book, and after the writing of "Campbell's Rambles, a moving yet hilarious story of her rambles with her Seeing Eye dog, Campbell, she felt burned out.
After much thought and prayer, she established her business, Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing and Nonprofit Consulting.
"What on earth is that?" you may be asking.
I first became aware of Patty when I finished my recent book, "Where Sheep May Safely Graze." Twenty years ago when I published "Friendships In The Dark" with Brett Books and Saint Martins Press, marketing was different. The publisher provided publicity through a large publicist. Not true today, even the really big publishers, such as Saint Martins provide little or no publicity. The poor author is left often wondering where to turn.
Enter Patty Fletcher and her business. An author herself, Patty had traveled that sometimes bumpy winding road. She knew through her own experience all about those bumps and turns, especially for the blind, who often find it hard to ferret out the best places for publicity, and things to avoid. Anybody who has had experience in that tangled web can tell you that it is time and energy consuming. Although I had had experience promoting books a number of times, I found myself at something of a loss. Facebook? Twitter? Good Reads? BLOGS? Good grief! Blessed be Patty is guiding me, and I'm following close behind.
Besides her expertise , she encourages the client, and oh trust me, people that is important. There's nothing more humiliating than exposing your lack of knowledge to an expert. To put it simply, Patty Fletcher is knowledgeable and a kind person.
She has experience promoting all kinds of businesses including authors. At present she has twenty clients, but she says she can take more.
In addition to her business promotion she does consulting for nonprofit organizations, bringing them to the notice of those who might contribute, and to those who might need the services provided by the organization.
"Well," you may be thinking, "this sounds great, but I don't make a lot of money," or, "I'm on a fixed income, and even though I may need such a service, I certainly can't afford such a thing."
Not so! Anybody aspiring to run a business, or the most struggling author can afford her rates. .
Contact her at:
Or by phone: 423.297.5976
If you need to leave a message, she'll get back to you.
Patty says that her biggest problem as a business woman, who is blind, is the same that plagues most of us, the inability to read things that won't work with speech, thus requiring sighted assistance. Patty says that she is fortunate in having an able assistant.
I asked her what advice she would give the person aspiring to open a business or publish a book. Below is the answer in her own words.
"The first advice I’d give would be, know what it is you want to do. Then make sure you know all there is to know about that, before you start.
Not long ago I saw someone’s ad for job search services, but when I contacted him, he knew less about what he was claiming to provide than I did, and in the end, it was I who helped him.
Mind you, I did not mind doing it, but if you’re going to advertise that you can assist someone with looking for work, and you have no idea how to write a business profile, cover letter, or resume, I seriously do not know how you can help someone.
Not being mean or critical, I’m just a straight-forward, realist.
So, my biggest advice for beginning a business is research research research.
Then once you’re sure you can tackle it, go for it, and even when it looks like you’re not getting anywhere, keep at it.
It takes a lot of time, energy and effort, and tons of patience to run a business of your own.
Another piece of advice, if you find there are things about your business that you cannot for whatever reason do on your own, do not hesitate or feel ashamed to ask for help.
One of the best pieces of advice that was ever given to me was, “Learn to delegate.” "
So, readers if you're longing to establish your own small business such as selling your crafts, or if you have perhaps a book, but haven't the foggiest notion of how to promote it, have a successful business, with no time or large budget to help with advertising, give her a call or send her a message, (see contact information above)
Check out her latest book, "Tails From the Seeing Eye Nursery" available from Amazon. Be sure to check the spelling of "tails" it isn't an error.

Phyllis Staton Campbell, who was born blind, writes about the world she knows best. She calls on her experience as teacher of the blind, peer counselor and youth transition coordinator. She says that she lives the lives of her characters: lives of sorrow and joy; triumph and failure; hope and despair. That she and her characters sometimes see the world in a different way, adds depth to the story. She sees color in the warmth of the sun on her face, the smell of rain, the call of a cardinal, and God, in a rainbow of love and grace.
Although she was born in Amherst County, Virginia, she has lived most of her life in Staunton, Virginia, where she serves as organist at historic Faith Lutheran church, not far from the home she shared with her husband, Chuck, who waits beyond that door called death.

She is a graduate of the Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind (DPT for the Blind). Further education, Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, Virginia; Creative Writing, The Hadley Institute for the Blind; Creative Writing Creative Writing Institute; Novel Writing University of Wisconsin-Madison
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