Sharing and Liking

Sharing and Liking


Patty L. Fletcher

October, 2 2017

dove-41260_1280Hi readers everywhere!

Campbell and I hope this posting finds you doing most awesome. Here, I think I might be on the mend. No, I’m going to be positive, and say, I am on the mend.

I got my new antibiotics today, and have taken two doses, and I just know this, along with the other medication prescribed is going to do the trick.

So, what’s up for today?

Well, after having a messenger chat with someone earlier in the day, and noticing some things on my WordPress account too, I am writing the following to talk to you about liking, and sharing posts.

While, I’m always very happy when someone likes something I’ve posted, and over the moon when someone shares it too, I have to start to really ask questions when I see someone liking and sharing absolutely everything I post.

So, today I got brave, and asked one who does this if they truly read, and liked everything of mine that they shared.

They told me no, that they did not read everything they shared, and so that got me thinking.

I, advised this person that sharing everything someone posted, might not be a great idea, especially if they did not know the content of that which they were sharing.

What you share, speaks to who you are, what you believe, and how you view things. If, you’re sharing everything someone posts, without first reading, and understanding at least some things about that which they wrote, or shared from another source, you are without proper knowledge saying that you go along with that thing.

This, can damage your own self, and, as I said earlier, while I love when people like what I write, and am, “over the moon” when they share it too, I don’t expect someone to like and share everything I put onto my FB timeline, twitter feed, or blog.

In fact, it becomes a bit fake, and worrisome when people do that.

Now, let’s just focus on WordPress for a moment. I have a follower, who likes absolutely everything I post. I’ve often wondered if they read that which I post, and if they truly like what they say they do.

I like to think so, and it drives up my stats on my blog when they do it, and while it is appreciated, if they don’t truly like that post, then the readings are false, thus not giving me a great picture of what folks like and what they do not.

I hope this doesn’t sound trivial, and I sure don’t want to sound ungrateful, but honestly folks, what I want are true stats which tell me what folks like, and want more of, and what they do not like, and want less of.

To get that truthful picture I need truthful folks.

So, my advice?

Read what you’re liking and sharing before you do. Be sure that it really speaks to you.

If you have trouble getting links to work on the devices you use, and you truly want to read what I share, email or message me in some way. I will send you a copy that works for you to read.

If you think enough of me to make such a request, and are willing to take the time to read what I’m posting, I’m happy to take the time to send it to you in a format you are able to access.

Now, if you truly like what I’m posting, then keep it up! It’s hugely appreciated.

Until next time, this is Patty, and the snoring King Campbell, A.K.A Bubba saying…

May harmony find you, and blessid be.



  1. I never share a post I haven’t read. I sometimes like posts without reading the entire thing, especially if it is someone I know their writing. But, I try to read and comment on as many blogs as I’m able to.

  2. So true!

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