Share As You Would Be Shared #Tip

Share As You Would Be Shared #Tip

Here are a few things I’d like those of you who are authors, business owners or nonprofit workers to keep in mind and consider strongly putting into practice.

Before i list them, let me just say to those who are, good job.

1. If someone is kind enough whether you’re paying them to do so or not to share your work, have the decency to comment on the post and say thank you and furthermore thank those reading for doing so. Also, something I’m adding which I forgot to a while ago, follow up on comments.

2. If you’re a blogger and someone reblogs your work if it didn’t originally come from your blog, be considerate and reblog from the blog it’s shared on to your blog. This not only helps lead people to your blog but it shows the one putting your stuff onto their blog you appreciate them and lets your followers have a look at their blog too.

3. If you don’t have a blog you can share to your social media and email groups. It’s really helpful to you and everyone else to share to as many people and places as is possible.

Folks, the bottom line is sharing is caring is true and if someone is taking the time to share your work, while you’re saying thanks and sharing what they did for you other places, how about having a look at their work and sharing some of it as well.

I cannot count the times I have gone out of my way to help someone client or not only to have never, and I do mean never seen anything of mine shared somewhere else.

I don’t do what I do for credit, glory or fame but it would be so great to know someone actually appreciated my effort.

Saying thanks is great but actions speak so much louder than words.

Just my marketing muse on a rainy afternoon.

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  1. I do agree our part of your team we all should do more – mea culpa. Will try.

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