September At Last by Edward Cohen founder of EZ2SeeProducts #BusinessCorner #SocialMediaMonday

September At Last by Edward Cohen founder of EZ2SeeProducts #BusinessCorner #SocialMediaMonday

Good morning, Edward Cohen is back with a great September report.

Hello and Happy Fall,

For many reasons, September has always felt like a special month for me.


The heat of the summer begins to wane.  But, at the same time, the days grow noticeably shorter.  My father’s birthday was in September.  Mine, too, is in this month; not that it matters that much to me now.  But for one of my young grandsons with a birthday this month, September is a big deal.  It also contains that horrible attack 20 years ago along with a couple of important religious holidays.


I have strong memories from 52 years ago, of being a college freshman walking down new streets to and from class.  My mind was filled with the very real immediate challenges I faced and the future I imagined would follow.  I recall those days being pleasantly cool.  The sun shown brightly in a cloudless, bright blue sky.  Back then I could see the trees gradually losing their brightly -colored leaves.  I recall scenes when windblown leaves soared over my head to add in the piles growing in the path.


While I no longer see those colors, when the weather matches those days and the leaves begin crunching under foot, memories of those long-ago days return.  Might you have any special memories of September as well?


Ok, enough reminiscing, here’s the latest.


The 2022 calendars are in!

If you missed it, the 2022 calendars are in.  Grin.  Details below.


Jury Duty

As you may recall from last month, I declined the county’s offer to avoid serving because of my age or blindness.  So, for two weeks, I dutifully called every day after 4:30 to learn if I needed to report.  Maybe because they didn’t have too many jury trials or maybe because of the Labor Day holiday, my group was never called up.


After living here for 11 years.  This was my first jury summons.  If the next one takes another 11 years, we’ll see how eager I am to serve when I’m in my 80’s.  Grin.


The Address Book and More

The process to create and finalize print-ready PDF files of the needed pages is well underway.  Only a few more pages need to be created or finalized.  The cover and the logo are done.  Getting the content for the “Welcome” page is the most challenging as was expected.  All the great stuff about the product needs to fit on the two half size pages.


Some troubling news.  Folks really liked the slogan I dreamed up for this product, “Your Reminder Binder”.   After typing that into my browser, I learned of a company who has registered that term. ☹   Too bad I didn’t think to check it before I started to like it.


That company makes planners and that sort of thing.  Shows how tricky is the world of publishing and intellectual property rights.  Now to find a replacement slogan; suggestions are welcome.  Maybe a free address book if your idea is chosen?


St. Olaf College Consulting Club

The leaders of this impressive college club will select a team of “agents” to work for 2-months with me on the market for the Address Book and More product.  That first meeting happens after I send this, so look for a report next month.  It is exciting to have such assistance.


Alerting Canadians of the product

I’ve gotten the green light from the three main blind and low vision groups in Canada to share news that the EZ2See® calendar will be on Amazon Canada in October.  I’ve written the announcement that with minor adjustments can be sent to all three.


Let’s go Shopping Virtual Event

I was invited to present sometime In November through this online shopping network.  I’ll be getting more details soon.  It is described as an accessible version of QVC.  I’ll be the pitchman during my time on the audio-only sessions.  Besides telling you when my sessions will happen, I must share news of the event through my network.  So, count on hearing more next month.   Many products are offered meaning you might be interested in the event.


Sponsoring the Blind Post for 3 Months

Maybe you’re aware of this source of a variety of information of interest to those with vision issues.  EZ2See® will be a sponsor through the end of the year.  Appearing here will alert many for whom the calendar and sticky note pads might help.


So, except for a bunch of medical appointments and procedures for both of us, that’s been our month.


Wishing you peace and good health,



Check out the Blind Post Classified News if you or someone you know is looking to buy, sale, trade or donate anything that might be useful to any blind or low vision person.  Other news of interest to this audience is also shared.


The 2022 EZ2See® calendar are on both the EZ2See website and here on

For those who prefer talking to a human or don’t like buying online, call us at, 800-234-8291.


Edward is a low vision senior living in southeast Minnesota.  He is the founding owner of EZ2See® Products LLC.  Visit his website if you or someone you care about is looking for innovative products for those living with vision loss or other challenges.  Contact him at






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