Sensational Saturday Morning! – What’s Up with Team Blue in Tennessee #Author’sCorner, #Blindness, #ACBCommunity

Sensational Saturday Morning! – What’s Up with Team Blue in Tennessee #Author’sCorner, #Blindness, #ACBCommunity

Good morning, to all.

I hope you’re doing splendid on this Sensational Saturday Morning.

Here, the coffee is hot. For the moment, the weather though foggy, is not, and that’s the way Team Blue in Tennessee loves it.

Chief Blue woke me at 4:44 AM declaring, “Mother! I must go out!” He was dancing from foot to foot and remembering he’d drank water in the late evening, I slipped into my robe, and out we went.

To my surprise, as I stood dozing on my feet, waiting for Blue to finish watering a post, I heard, “Good morning, Patty.” From a neighbor. She like Blue had an early morning call and had decided to get a smoke before going back to bed.

When Blue was finished, I bid her a good morning, and made my way back inside. I was not ready for human company. Heck, to be truthful, I wasn’t ready for dog company either.

Of course, Blue wanted fed too. So, rather than argue that it was barely 5 in the morning, and the sun wasn’t even up, I just sent him to his crate as normal, fixed his bowls of food and water, and started the day.

I thought I might get a little nap after he was settled, but when Blue had been fed, and properly snuggled, he went back to bed and promptly dropped right off to sleep.


I of course, did not. LOL.


When I saw I was not going back to sleep, I got up, made a cup of brew, sat down to the computer, and began the day’s work.

I’m terribly behind in email. I have been scanning for important ones and letting everything else go.

It’s the same with blog work. So, today, I’m determined to get myself thoroughly caught up. I hope I am successful.

The weather says sun and thunderstorms today. I guess that means there is a chance of a storm some time today. It is rather vague. I need to find a good weather source other than TV or radio updates. I’ve the weather channel on my phone and I do get alerts, but I wish I could get email weather information. Does anyone have any referrals?

If so, please do drop me a note to let me know.

Please note, if you drop a link in the comment section it will immediately place you in the moderation category.

It’s best to use that email Patty link at the footer of every page here on the blog, or if you’ve my email address, drop a line directly.

I don’t use messenger, what’s up or any of those other chat apps.


Anyhow, that’s what’s up for the moment with Team Blue in Tennessee.

For now, this is Team Blue in Tennessee saying, “Keep your nose to the ground and your tail waiving at the sky.”

Patty L. Fletcher

Bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled


  1. Did you ask Casey Matthews if he had any ideas for weather sources? He’s usually a wealth of information.

    1. Hi, nope, I didn’t ask. Just tossed it out here to see what sources others use.

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