Self-Employed: a Day In the Life at Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing (Author, Blogger, Business Assist)

Self-Employed: a Day In the Life at Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing (Author, Blogger, Business Assist)

“Oh! You’re self-employed. How exciting! That must be so incredibly freeing and how great to not have to go out and work in an office or some other place of business.”
How many times I’ve heard this and just had to stop and shake my head at the unreality of what people think when I say to them that I’m self-employed.
Yes, there are wonderful things about being self-employed, like, being able to set my own schedule, work in my pajamas providing I’m not doing a video conference or some sort of promotional recording. Yeah, it’s great that I get to decide how I work and for who, but there are a lot of things about being self employed I don’t think those who work out in the public work force have ever considered.
First, there’s the risk. Risk that I won’t make enough money to supplement my disability check so I can pay all my bills. Risk that I might become too ill to work even from my bed, risk that I might have equipment failure and not be able to afford to replace, and risk that I might not be able to for whatever reason keep an internet connection going so that I can keep my business which just happens to be one-hundred percent reliant on the internet to do.
What is a day at my office/house like?
A day for me begins somewhere between 4 and 6 AM provided I’ve slept “normally” and am getting up at my regular time. Once I’m up, face washed, teeth and hair brushed, and coffee to hand, provided I’ve not awakened unusually late around 7 or so I have an hour maybe 2 that I can sit, wake up, and catch up on email, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn notifications before things seriously get moving.
Once this has been accomplished then another important thing takes place. I must feed, walk, and spend time with Campbell. This takes about an hour and half to 2 hours each morning.
Lots of times weather and Campbell’s energy level permitting we walk as much as a mile before either of us has had our morning breakfast. Then of course he must be fed, and he also likes it very much when I take the time to hang out with him in his room and play toys.
After this, I’m ready for food, so I must make myself something to eat, take the time to eat it and then clean up after myself.
By this time more emails have come in, and there are more social media notifications to deal with.
After all that has been done then there are my blog columns to post for the day. Provided my clients have sent me content pieces to post on their behalf I sit down, open the appropriate files, and begin the task of first proofreading their work just to make sure some mistake hasn’t escaped them, then I add their advertising information, and provided my blog is working as it should if there’s a photo I must decide where in the offering I want to insert it.
Then I must work to navigate all that onto the blog, proofread it yet again and then finally when everything is in place hit publish.
Once this is done, I wait for it to come into my notifications, and then I view it both in my email and online as a visitor to my blog would do. Why? Because I must make absolutely certain that it posted as it should. I mean, I’ve got no safety net here.
This whole process can take as long as an hour sometimes more per post, and on a day like WordPress Wednesday this means that I’ve spent at the very least 3 hours just getting 3 posts up in one day.
Then of course I must make sure those posts have posted onto my social media platforms, and on a platform such as Facebook this means I might need to share one post at least 4 times, if not more depending on the type of post it is and whether or not I’m managing the client’s Facebook page so that their posts end up there as well.
Once this is done, I then need to go back, check email again, and then if I’m fortunate there are comments on the posts I’ve posted to reply to and of course sometime mid-morning Campbell needs out, and hopefully by noon I’m ready to have a break and eat lunch.
This however can all be changed in the blink of an eye or click of a mouse if anything in my “Normal” day changes.
For example, some days I need to spend the morning going to doctor’s appointments, running errands for groceries, or paying a bill.
I might wake to find I’ve got no internet which again changes things for the day. I either must wait for the connection to come back or if there’s some major reason for it to be out, I must then find a way out to the library or some other place where I can set up shop for the day.
So, yeah, being self employed is great but it means I am responsible for everything and if anything goes wrong, I must deal with it and I have very little support.
I’ve no IT guy sitting down the hall to fix my computer if it suddenly decides to flip out. I’ve no admin assistant waiting in the wings to pick up the slack of email and other notifications. It’s all on me.
Of course, when I’m not working on other’s promotional work, I’m promoting myself, and working on my own writing projects as well.
Then there’s cleaning house, making sure Campbell’s groomed, and oh yeah, every now and then I like to take a bath.
So, before you think I sit round all day lounging in my favorite chair taking it easy just plunking away on my computer having a jolly good time, think about all I must do. Ask yourself if you’d have the self-discipline it takes to do what I do. Ask yourself if you’re brave enough to hope you’d get enough clients paying at just the right time to make sure the gaps left by what your disability income doesn’t cover, and then talk to me about how great all this is.
I hope to always do what I do but there are times when I wish I had a regular more secure paycheck and assistance to fall back on.
For now, I’m happy doing as I’ve written above, but at this very moment as I type, I’m concerned about a lot of changes getting ready to take place in my life, all of which are going to impact my business.
What brought me to write about this today? Well, this morning while at the doctor’s office I was telling someone I was self-employed, and they like so many had the reaction which I wrote at the beginning of the post, and though I tried to explain it to them as I’ve explained it to you they simply didn’t get it.
Oh, and don’t even get me started on self-publishing, cause while I love that too, there’s no advanced royalty check, no editor in the package, and absolutely no promotional help other than what I’m able to do and afford to higher done which at this point is none.
OK. Enough! My email notification just went off, and while I’ve been writing this, I’ve received about 10 Facebook notifications needing read. So, it’s back to the trenches for me.
Have a good day and if you’re self-employed, I’m proud that you have taken this risk with me. If you’re working out in the public and someone is responsible for the daily operations in your office and you’ve only one or two tasks for which you’re responsible, make sure you show them a little appreciation before you go home today.
Until next time this is Patty who still loves what she does, and King Campbell mostly retired Seeing Eye Dog who says he’s ready to go out again saying…
May harmony find you and blessid be.

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