Saturn’s Day Morning

Saturn’s Day Morning

Apologies a bit late with this – Claire

Hi, and Good Magnificent Morning to you! I’ll get to messages, notifications, and the like shortly, first, I very much wish to write, about this, glorious morning.

I, woke, a bit before 4:30 this AM and found myself feeling disoriented, disconnected, and a bit sick.

Sweat dried on my back as I slipped out of my pajamas, making ready for an early morning shower.

This, was an unusual thing for me, to do.

Usually, I’d feed, and walk Campbell, and then, have a cup or two of coffee, before taking on such a task as showering, but this morning, I simply couldn’t wait.

As I showered, it came to me, that I’d been out of my body, prior to waking, and that had been the reason for my feeling as I had.

I thought about that which I’d thought of as a dream, and wondered if it were, so, or not.

As I dried, and dressed, the birdsong from outside, seemed almost loud in the house.

Even with the windows closed, it spoke to me.

Once outside, in the early morning due, I gave Campbell time to sniff.

Just because I couldn’t walk him far, didn’t mean he shouldn’t enjoy the scents, in the fresh morning air.

Later as I enjoyed my first cup of coffee, and the morning’s mail, I also enjoyed the beautiful chatter, of the birds, making their plans for the day, and having the early morning bug, or worm.

Now, all is quiet. All, but a few, have, flown away, to whatever their plans were, and I am left with an empty cup, and quiet space in the moment just before sunrise, and the dawning of a new day.

Happy Saturn’s Day Morning! From the Campbell Kingdom! 

Patty L. Fletcher

Author, and Blogger At Large .


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  1. And, how cool, to enjoy such a memory. Glad of it too. This morning is humid and hot. Door is shut against it. Air-conditioner already on, and running full tilt. Cannot breath well in the humidity, due to a sinus infection that doesn’t seem to wish to let go.

    This Monday)Moonday, is starting slowly, and I’m actually enjoying reading some of the posts, here on campbellsworld.

    The following is something I posted onto FB, and wish to share here as well.

    Good morning everyone! The following is a Multiple Post.

    I’ve been reading email, and see that while I slept, my Awesome and Amazingly Talented, friend and Co-worker, Claire has been hard at work making a new and wondrous land.

    She takes the things I send her and makes them fit into campbellsworld like magik of the most ancient, and wondrous kind.

    We’ve got originals from Yours Truly, and some shared works as well.

    Updates on Re-entry To the Campbell Kingdom, all the way to Friday Finds, with Dan Thompson.

    The Foreword, and first two chapters of The Raw Truth are up, but please? Remember this is a work in progress. When it is published as a book, much editing and work is yet to be done. This, is where you, the reader get to help. I’m going to let my friends, fans, followers, and all, lend a hand. Of course I’ll not use all the feedback, one cannot do such, else one ruins the art, but I can read your reviews, and thoughts, suggestions and ideas, and bring the best of all, into my writing. So make sure to check the link, at the end here…

    This morning, while reading, I learned…

    In the 1870’s a dinosaur skeliton was discovered. It’s name: Apatosaurus!

    I have just learned of them, and love the name because, it is so, like mine.

    I’ve even learned to use it in a sentence. 🙂

    An, Apatosaurus, is what I’m going to be, if I do not get well, and begin PT again, on a regular basses.

    I’m having back ache issues, balance issues, and weakness, and it is because I’ve not been doing those leg, arm, and body, work-out routines.

    Not only am I beginning them again today, sinus infection or no, I’m also going to open and listen to the Blind Alive Yoga I downloaded.

    It is time for me to over-come. I did it in hospital, I can bring what I learned into my home, as I did with Campbell, and his training.

    I went to sleep, with all that on my mind, and, had a dream last evening, and in this dream, I was back in training at The Seeing Eye, but in stead of Guide Dog Training, I was learning Physical Therapy with Campbell.

    In stead of Drew, Campbell, and me walking round in NJ it was my PT instructors. LOL!

    We had the same buildings, doorm-rooms, and campus, but different people. LOL!

    Talk about confusing the issue! I cannot be held responsible for my dreams. Thanks be to Goddess! Why? Because director of Physical Therapy Luke, was CEO of The Seeing Eye. hehehahaeheA!

    People like, Mr. Franck, Sutton, and the like were Doctors, Nurses, and CNAS.

    I refuse to read anymore online stuff an hour before bed from now on.

    All devices will be turned off an meditation of some sort will happen to help induce restful sleep.

    That dream sequence, is no more! No wonder I was so tired when I woke up this AM. LOL!

    I was reading about The Seeing Eye, and getting the Guide downloaded just before bed last night. I’d saved the link, but never done it. Well, you see what I got for my trouble.

    When I went to bed, I was thinking about PT coming today, and together all that thought process created that crazy dream. LOL!

    Now, here I am, fresh hot coffee, in my hand, just waking, and enjoying all the magnificent info I can find.

    I don’t always read the newsletters and such, that I put on my blog until they’re posted. Many times I am reading just as you are, for the first time.

    People ask, “Don’t you approve everything in the newsletters you post?” My answer, “Good God! No!” I don’t have time for all that. I love the magazines I post. I’ve been reading them for years, but just as others aren’t responsible for my content, nor am I responsible for theirs.

    Read, at your own risk! LOL!

    I enjoy the Blind Post, the Blind Perspective, The Consumer Vision, and Friday Finds. I post them, because people like being able to get their stuff all from one place.

    It is with that in mind, I ask te following question…

    Would anyone be interested in an email list where all things from my blog would post, other people could join and contribute, and we could discuss?

    Sighted, blind, whatever categoria you are in, you’d be welcome.

    Writer, reader, or a combo of both.

    All would be welcome. I hava few readers who aren’t comfortable on the blog, who love a good old fashion email list. I would be willing to provide it.

    If you think you’d subscribe to such, let me know.

    Email me at:

    Let me know what topics of interest you’d like.


    OK, well, I reckon that’s all my ramblings for now. Every nnow and then I get to that right here on FB. This too, is via request of some of my FB friends. Yall are readers, followers too, and ought to have your needs tended.

    Have a great day, and don’t forget to visit…

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