Saturn’s Day In the Campbell Kingdom: Everything Is Magik

Saturn’s Day In the Campbell Kingdom: Everything Is Magik

This day started out like many others here. Campbell and I had gone to bed early last evening, and only briefly waking in the night, we found ourselves waking round 4:30 or so in the morning.

Campbell lie waiting patiently in the hall outside the bathroom door as I slowly woke up. Taking time to wash both face and hands, brush teeth and hair, and take care of all other necessaries.

Once Campbell was fed, and the coffee pot turned on, we made our way to the living room to ready ourselves to go outside. Campbell again waited patiently. This time lying quietly by the door, while I found my robe, and shoes. Only after I put a bag in my pocket, and picked up the end of his leash did he stir. As I released him, and opened the front door, he gave a huge wiggly waggly jingly jangly shake, and took a large sniff of the cold morning air. I’d checked my weather while in the bathroom and knew it was 30 degrees out. To me, cold. To Campbell AWESOME!

First we made our way into the front yard where Campbell took his time sniffing and routing round in the fallen leaves. He doesn’t try and eat them so I let him enjoy his morning wake-up time. After he finally took a very long pee, he indicated he wanted to go to the other side of the yard, and giving him his head, I followed along behind as he led me across the driveway. He carefully walked us round the boat, and other things along our way, and soon we were making our way through the yard, and round the corner of the house. As we walked I began to chant my morning prayers, and breathing deeply of the morning’s wonderfully crisp fresh air. I decided if Campbell wanted to sniff, and enjoy the morning scents, maybe I should truly “Follow My Dog” and give it a try myself. I did not regret it. As we made our way back inside five or so minutes later, I felt renewed and alive. My senses were awake and turned on in a most magickal way and I felt better than I had in a couple of mornings. The fact that I’d consumed quite a bit of wine the night before was no longer notable. That was a wondrous relief all of itself, because when I’d first waken up I’d been suffering from a horrible headache.

As I poured a cup of strong coffee, and stirred in cream I took a deep breath, taking in the smell of the coffee as I did. I gave thanks to mother Earth, and Sister Water for the coffee, and to Goddess Fire, and Spirit Air for the making of it.
As I sat in my favorite chair enjoying the first few sips of my morning’s brew, and taking deep breaths of the herbs burning in the burner a few feet away, I felt the wonderful power of Spirit. The happiness I felt at being able to recognize this most awesome feeling gave to me is still to this moment in time I haven’t correct wording to use to give it voice. I can just say it is like taking a walk with Mother Father Goddess and God themselves, and I am ever grateful to have been given this most beautiful ability.

Over this past year I have learned that everything that we do during the day and even sometimes while we sleep and dream at night is part of our Magik, and is to be used in every part of living. It is my belief it means much the same as the advice given in the Christian Bible. “Pray without ceasing.” It is referring to the intent in your heart, which flows into what we say and do. As I perfect these skills I have been given, like everyone I make mistakes, but my being able to recognize the power for what it is, and to begin to hone the skill of incorporating it into the fabric of my everyday existence is to me the most magnificent gift ever.

I spent the morning alternating between reading email, sharing blog posts, and reading FB posts. Ate breakfast, and after taking Campbell on yet another long and chili sniff-fest I began making preparations for a long hot soak in the tub. I am naturally drawn to water, and love nothing better than a long hot soak. It is Saturn’s Day and even though a joke to some, truly is a day of bathing and grooming for me. Although I bath often during the week, his day is the one day when I know that I am not going anywhere early in the day. I can take my time with things like thoroughly washing and conditioning my hair, which has grown rather thick, clipping nails, and many other tasks which take me a long time. I love doing these things in the early morning quiet, and this morning enjoyed listening to an audio book from NLS
While doing so. When I’d finished all I’d gone into the water to do, I released it by unstopping the drain and as I stood I said, “Thank you Goddess for the use of your water. May it go on to do great things for many.”

Later as I stopped to give Campbell love, and root him out of my chair, I felt whole in a great and wonderful way. The previous week’s work of packing boxes cleaning, and sorting through clothes trying to decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to throw away behind me, and the day of Saturn ahead. For me this will be a day of writing, reading, and catching up on email and other social media enjoyments. I have been putting some of this off due to my displeasure in the new Gmail App but today have vowed to renew my effort to familiarize myself with the changes i has made to the screen and learn to use it. Having my keyboard back in use helps quite a bit.

I know all these things might seem trivial to some, but for years now some of what I’ve written here has been nothing but a struggle for me, and being at peace with so much of late leaves me wishing to share with everyone the peace I’m learning to find. Even in the face of adversity such as the disorganization S of moving, and waiting on paperwork, and other things to arrive, and take shape, I am learning to find happy times and positive experiences like never before. Somehow I simply feel some sort of weight has been lifted, and a new clarity has been given to me where many things are concerned.

For now I’ll close with this advice…

Follow your heart. If you suddenly get an idea, a revelation as it were about a situation in your life that is dragging you down, and having a complete negative influence over everything in your life, even if it goes against what you have normally done, don’t ignore it until you’ve given it a fair investigation. Had I done that with the idea of moving, I’d have missed out on some most awesome opportunity. What lies ahead for Campbell and me is a bit scary, but it is also filled with most Awesome potential, and I cannot wait.

Until next time this is Patty and King Campbell Seeing Eye Dog saying…
May harmony find you.
Have a magickal Day,
Blessid Be…

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