Saturn Day Says, and Ice Cream

Saturn Day Says, and Ice Cream

Here we are on Saturn’s Day afternoon, just after 12 Noon.


I still don’t know if I’ve gotten rid of the ‘ ‘ @ and all the other nonsensical junky things showing up in my posts.

Don’t know how come they began.

I’ve checked all my settings, and everything looks as it should, but, and there’s always a but.
Since I downloaded this beta editor thingy for my cell, it has sucked!

Don’t see how to change it, don’t know what to do.

Folks say it reads right on the site, so I reckon just read there.

In the meantime, Campbell and I have had an awesome week, and are now, happily enjoying the week-end.

With Saturn’s Day comes quiet, but, even more than that, silence.

What’s the difference between quiet and silence?

Well, now, I suppose I could go look it up in the dictionary and give you the standard, and sub-definitions. 
I’m just going to tell you my opinion instead, because anyone can copy from a dictionary, but not everyone has what is in my heart, and head.


Quiet is when I turn everything off, no devices. No TV Radio, nothing.

Even today, was able to turn off heat-pump, because it is cool out.


I was in the kitchen, listening to the quiet, and then I decided to go silent.

I decided not to even speak out-loud.

Decided that other than the natural noises I made, I’d make no purposeful sound what so ever.

Let me say, that is, harder done than written about.

First off, I did not realize how much I spoke out-loud to myself.

Thinking out-loud, and all.

Chattering to Campbell, and scolding, even the washing-machine.

Well, that took some time to get under control. Then, I had to really pay attention, and keep my mind focused on what I was thinking about because it wanted to wonder, and that would’ve been fine, and at one point I did let it go, but at that moment, I needed to pay attention to what I was doing, and the reactions I was having without speaking things out-loud.

I did not realize how dependent to thinking out-loud I’d become.

I have set myself a goal. In the coming week, I’m going to spend one-hour-a-day in total silent behavior.

I will go about my routine, whatever I’ve got going on.

No devices, just me myself and my thoughts.

Maybe I’ll wash dishes, clothes, sweep floors, or take a shower.

Maybe, I’ll do what I did this morning.

Maybe I’ll eat ‘Ice-Cream’
I bought myself a half-gallon, Ice-cream at the store yesterday, and have been enjoying it right-out-of-the-box.
I cannot see any reason to mess up a bowl, so I’m just eating what I want and putting it back with the lid closed into the freezer when I’m done. Spoon into the sink, and BING! Done!

One of the joys, of living alone.

Now, as I’m sitting with the windows open, letting in the Saturn’s Day sounds, and smells, I hear…
Lawn-mowers, and weed-eaters.
Cars, trucks, trains, and planes.

I hear children laughing, dogs barking, neighborhood living.

I smell, fresh-cut grass, mulch, and somewhere way far off, I can catch the faintest whiff, of fabric-softener.

It is a wonderful day, here in the Campbell Kingdom.

It is nice to take a break, sit-back, and soak up the world around me.

It is my way of meditating, and rejuvenating myself, so that I can cast off the layer of grime from the negative portion of the week-past, and bring forth the week-to-come.

Blessid are they who cast-away, before they pray.

Blessid be are those who sing glory and praise, at the end of their days.

Here’s wishing a peace-filled day.

We love you.
God and Goddess bless you.
May harmony find you.
Blessid be.

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