SATURDAY SURPRISE: Garden Songs ~ “full baskets blooming” #PoetryPlace

SATURDAY SURPRISE: Garden Songs ~ “full baskets blooming” #PoetryPlace

Good morning everyone, I hope this post finds you well.

Once in a great while here at Guide Dog school, I find a moment or two to read mail. Today, whilst enjoying one of those precious moments in time, I ran across this lovely piece of poetry. Have a look.

Garden Songs ~ “full baskets blooming”

by Lynda Lambert

T Garden Songs to CROW about! Walking by Inner Vision Blog presents Garden Songs Featuring Photos from my Gardens A dozen Garden Songs #1 – "full baskets blooming? (12 Haiku) #1. full baskets blooming suspend to hover across spring, summer, autumn * A Dozen Garden Songs – Haiku by Lynda McKinney […]

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