Saturday Snippets…2nd April 2022…Todays prompt is “Bluebell”

Saturday Snippets…2nd April 2022…Todays prompt is “Bluebell”

When reading this post by Carol Taylor, I was inspired to write the following…


Listen to the spring birds sing.

Listen to my Big Blue Dog’s bell ring.

Though he’s not a Bluebell blooming in spring, he can make you dance and sing.

If Bluebells grew here, he would bounce through them with great cheer.

Then, I’d have to make him dance away, for eating them would put him in a bad way.

Though I’m a day late, with this prompt, which is great, I hope you’ve enjoyed my silly poetic song and that it’s not too long.

To find out more about this prompt and how you can get in on the fun, visit:


Thanks for reading. May Harmony find You and Blessid Be.


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  1. I love what my prompt inspired you to write, Patty…Thank you for sharing this post on “Patty’s World” 🙂

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