Saturday is for Sharing – Alice Jane-Marie Massa

Saturday is for Sharing – Alice Jane-Marie Massa


I know that I’ve read this before, and shared it here.

I know it is not Christmas and that it is not even any longer July.


Everytime I read this particular interview I’m returned to happy times in my own life, and I also somehow learn something new about the author represented here.

Somehow I’d either forgotten or missed all together the fact that this book is available in audio on the NLS (National Library Services for the Blind and Physically Handicap) website, now however that I’ve been reminded yet again, I’m going to break my long-suffering rule of not reading holiday books.

I’ve various reasons for not reading such books, none of them due to my not celebrating Christmas which is an unfounded belief by some.

This year however I will be reading this and will be reviewing and sharing with friends.

Is it too soon to begin planning for the holidays?


They will after all be rounding the corner and marching right into our lives very soon.

I’m so happy I stumbled back onto this post today.

Blessings to Alice and Lynda for bringing a bit of joy into my life.



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