Saturday Before Thanksgiving and Jacked Up Bubba

Saturday Before Thanksgiving and Jacked Up Bubba

Hello, and Happy Saturday to all!
I hope all of you are doing well this Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Campbell and I are making plans, and we’d like to not only share them here, with you, but we’d love to know yours as well.

May hap I’ve written similar before, if, that be the case, please forgive.

Before, I get to Thanksgiving, let me share with you, a bit about today.

I’ve always expected things to be a bit weirded out on the full moon. I mean Dianna’s at full power, and you just never know, but today, it’s the new moon, and somehow, it’s been a crazy day.

This morning, Campbell and I slept until nearly 6. Campbell had a hard time going to sleep last evening. I, believed at the time, he was feeling energetic due to my keeping him home to recover from our issue on the bus the day before. I have, since, begun to believe there may be a bit more, but well, I’m getting ahead.

Anyhow, we did our normal morning routine, and honestly Campbell began returning to himself, and so I was beginning to think maybe it was just a weird fluke and he was fine all the way round.

Later I decided I needed a few things from the corner store. After cleaning the bathroom, and having a bite of breakfast, I began to get us ready to go.

A walk would be good for the both of us, and Campbell did seem to have a bit more energy than usual.

Just before noon, we started off to our corner convenience store. It’s about quarter of a mile, maybe a little less one-way. A really great walk. Only two street crossings, nothing major at all.

We love the big straight-of-way Garden Drive makes, and it has always been one of our favorite walks.

Today was no exception, and the cloudy warm fall afternoon was just perfect for a good walk.

There were neighbors out mowing lawns, and raking leaves. Children playing, and even a dog or two to bark at, and challenge Campbell.

I say challenge, because normally Campbell will try to stop and chat.

Not today. Today he was wide-open, and barely turned his head to look in their direction. Let alone stop to chat.

I had a list of items I wanted, and when we got to the store, I sat about telling the clerk what they were, and he, as usual was happy to get them from the shelves for me.

Once we had them all at the counter, we chatted a bit while he rang them up, and soon Campbell and I were making our way happily home.

Campbell, who had as you know, felt poorly earlier in the week, even had a real spring in his step.

Well, we got home, and honestly the only one who had any problem with the walk, appeared to be me.

In fact, I was amazed at the continuing energy Campbell was displaying.

As I stood in the hall, removing my bright orange hoody, and he pranced around at my feet, I said, “Lord, what is wrong with this dog? It’s as if he were wired on speed.”

And, click! Just like that, the light came on.

It dawned on me, that the allergy medication Campbell was taking wasn’t quite the same as he’d been used to, and that I’d thought it wouldn’t make a difference. Wrong! Answer!

It made a huge difference. Campbell was wired on speed. Antihistamines.

“Good Goddess!” I declared! What if this is dangerous for him?”

I went immediately to the phone, and called animal poison control.

They assured me that the medication we hadwas not that different from the regular Zyrtec that Campbell is used to taking, and that Campbell would be fine. They told me he’d be energetic throughout the rest of the day, and that if I could work him extra it might help the meds ware off.

Well, I liked that idea, and decided that we’d have another good long walk, if only in the yard later in the day.

I was just about ready to settle in with a beer, and lunch, when I realized I did not get home with everything I’d gone for.
I thought about my time at the store, and realized I’d left some things lying on the counter.

Well, I sat with a beer, and some left-over pizza, and the more I thought about it, the more I thought that if, we rested a while, took our time, and made a couple extra stops along the way, Campbell and I just might be able to go back to the store.

When I asked Campbell, he bounced up as if he were ready to go right then and there.

“Good, just what I need. A dog jacked up on allergy pills! Gees, kid, rest. Momma’s not there yet.”

Campbell, lie down, and gave a sigh as if to say, “Hurry the hell up, I want to go.”

Despite Campbell’s impatience, I decided a good hour’s rest was in order, and not just for me. I didn’t want to tire him too much. He might feel energetic, but his body was still 9-years-old on the 28TH and he was suffering with arthritis symptoms.

Finally, an hour or so had passed, and Campbell had been up and in my face cheering me onward three times.

So, reluctantly, I got ready, and we set off.

“Bubba, if you get tired, just you say the word, and we’ll come straight home.”

Ha! May as well been farting in the wind.

Campbell took off like a bat out of hell, and after the two street crossings, he was wound up and running.

He did not walk down that straight-away, he flew. I think his feet were bouncing right off the ground.

Finally, he needed a park stop, and when we started off again, I steadied him down. I decided he’d best pace himself a bit.

“Campbell we really should slow down a bit. We don’t want to tire you too much.” I cooed as I armed sweat from my face.

He argued with me at first, pulling at the harness every time I steadied him.
But, after a bit of compromise on both our parts, we found a speed we could both be content with, and tired though I was, the second walk down of the day, wasn’t so bad.

In fact, by the time we made it there, I was feeling pretty good.

We went in, and the clerk got the things I’d forgotten, and we were back out the door, and on our way home, like a flash.

Again, I made Campbell pace himself, and although we were enjoying the activity, I was a little concerned for Campbell. I knew the woman on the phone had said he was in no danger, but he was 9, and what if this affected his heart?

I tried slowing him, but he was pulling, and wagging. I decided I’d just let him work, and hope this got it out of his system.

Just as we were marking a 4TH of the way left to go, he began to flag just a bit. Not badly, but you could tell for sure he was tiring. I eased back on the leash, and moved the harness handle back and forth saying, “Steady boy. Steady.” And, he began to slow-down.

It was nearing feeding time, and I decided to walk him more slowly and cool him down.

By the time we turned into our drive, he was no longer panting, and I was relieved.

Once back inside, I changed out of my sweaty clothes, put away the rest of my things, and got a second beer. The first one was gone, and I was more than done for the day.

Campbell went happily to his water dish, and drained it. This was good too. The lady on the poison control line had suggested trying to have him drink extra water.

Once I was sure he was cooled off, I gave Campbell his dinner, and soon he was done eating, and ready to stretch out for a while.

He started out in his dog bed, and I snuggled with him, but once I got up and went on my way, he moved to his bed-room, and flopping out onto his bed, which is the old mattress I used to have, began to get himself ready for sleep.

I went in and sat with him a bit, rubbing his belly and praising him for all his good work.

After a while, I began to massage his hips, and he flattened himself out, so he could enjoy the whole effect.

I’ve been giving him massages all the time I’ve had him, and he knows just how to lay to enjoy the full benefit.

As I ran my hands over his leg and hip muscles, I marveled at what good shape he was truly in. Yeah, he was about 7 pounds passed a good weight, and he was 9-years-old on the 28TH of Nov., but he was a hell of a beautiful animal, and all things considered, was in great shape.

As I began to get lost in the rhythm of massaging, and the sounds of the city around us, Campbell began to snore, adding his own rhythm to the mix.

I laughed to myself as I struggled up and out of the floor, and later, as I shook my hair from its tie, and began to do my leg arm and back stretches, I felt pretty good about our current situation.

I had things decently in hand and was for sure going to be able to do Thanksgiving this year.

Oh! Sheesh! I’ve been rambling, so I nearly forgot to tell you what I was doing for Thanksgiving.

Well, since Bubba is still snoozing, and most likely has done what we call crashed out, I’ll tell you.

Campbell and I are going to order our favorite dishes from the Food City Deli we love, and get ourselves, well, me, a good bottle of wine, or Sake, and Campbell shall have a big butcher’s block bone to chew.

Those are, after all his favorite kind.

I shall download a good book and we’re gonna enjoy the day.

I’m going to make a huge list of all things I’m grateful for, and maybe even do some writing.

Oh! And I plan to have a nice phone chat with a friend.

Can’t beat it.

Honestly I’m excited about this year. This year, I am in control of every aspect of the holiday. I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to get somewhere or what to wear. Don’t have to worry about what I say, or if I might hurt someone’s feelings or offend someone, don’t have to worry about how I’m going to get home, and having to wait until someone else is ready to go, don’t have to be around people who most likely would rather not be, and are just pretending, in short, I get to have it all my way this year.

Sounds selfish, but it just seems to me, that although I miss the family that are not in my life, I don’t miss the drama, back-biting, and fakeness of it all.

I’ve decided I like myself, and I’m creating a life I like pretty dog gone good.

That’s something to be grateful for, right there.

Anyhow, what are yall doing?

Are you going to family or friends? If so are you really looking forward to it? Is it something you really want to do?

If so, enjoy it, and make certain all you love, know that you do. Especially the young ones. You never know when you might be away from them in some way, and they need to know without doubt you care.

If not, will anyone die or the world end if you don’t?

I doubt it. I am 50-years-old. I’ve decided I’m going to start enjoying hell out of my life.

Damn near died back in spring. Made it through all that crap and then some, and dog gone if I’m not going to seriously start enjoying myself.

Well, this is Patty, who is making plans and loving it, and King Campbell A.K.A Bubba who is crashed out for the day saying…

May harmony find you, and blessid be.

PS. I’ve just checked on King Campbell A.K.A Bubba and he is snoozing comfortably and peacefully.

I believe his speeding day has passed, and I can assure you there shall be no more.
It just goes to show you, generic is not always the same.


  1. My family has, for the most part, gotten along except for the occasions when my dad, after embibing too much alcohol, got into arguments with my uncles over political topics. Now, my parents, grandparents, and husband are gone, and my uncle and aunt who live here in Sheridan, Wyoming, have invited me to their home for Thankgiving dinner. I’ve considered doing Thanksgiving your way, but if I hadn’t gotten Aunt Junior’s invitation, I would most likely have gone to the senior center where I always run into somebody I know. I prefer to be around people on a holiday. I hope you have a nice, solitary Thankgiving.

    1. I don’t think I’ll want solitary holidays forever. This year, it’s appropriate.

      I’m going through a ton and half changes. I am enjoying my solitary time.

      Years ago, I hated being alone. Then due to various circumstance, it was forced upon me.

      I had two choices, learn to love me, or be miserable.

      So, I learned to love me, and then I learned to like, and enjoy me.

      If, my family here in town invited me to a holiday right now it would be very fake. It would be out of their feeling obligated, and I would say no.

      I, would love to have a little visit with daughter and grands, but knowing my daughter as I do if she had that in mind, I’d know of it.

      She plans things, she has to. She has five children. She must be the most organized woman on planet.

      Anyhow, before I get off on a ramble about how proud I am of her and her family, just let me say, how-ever someone celebrates their holiday is up to them, just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

      People need to remember, there are three things which shall never remain hidden for long, they are, the sun, moon, and truth.

      If we’re pretending to love our families and be grateful for them on Thanksgiving, and pretending to forgive and love, on Christmas, Easter, etc. We’re lying, and not just to ourselves, and each other, but to God. I’m no longer living like that.

      I hope you enjoy your gathering.

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