Satisfactionn Guaranteed

Satisfactionn Guaranteed

Hi! Here is a blog post worth reading! Please keep these things in mind when you attend such a Vance as what is written of here.

It is because of your spirit, that you are needed at such places. I hope you will go often, and that your attitude of the sport will change! When it is play correctly with the correct team spirit it is wonderful! Do not let the vagaries of others get you down! This message is important!

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Penny Fleckenstein

It was Senior Night at the high school home football game. Zachary and I proudly walked with Eric through the arch before the game. I had a beautiful corsage pinned to my band jacket and beamed as a lady shook my hand as she said, “Thank you for letting us have Eric.”

This was my second time walking through the arch over the football field. My first time was with Katrina when she was in band as a senior. This was before my Penny Renovation project, and I hated football just as much then as I do now. I also do not relish being in the cold on metal bleachers in a loud crowd. Last time, and this time, I had brought blankets to cover the bleachers and myself and Zachary. We also brought one for Bryanna, my guide dog. It was a warmer night but because of my years working on my renovation, I also brought a warmer attitude. It went well with the gift of hot chocolate which Jenn bought us.

Half time went well with the small away band playing and then our home team band. In the last number, the seniors danced in front. They threw Eric up in the air and caught him. He told me of how much fun he had.

It was getting chilly. They ran the clock due to how far ahead our team was. The ending score was 73 to 0. How jubilant we are to be making the play offs this year.

I was stricken with disappointment when I heard one of our dads yell, “go home, you’re nothing but trash, go home!” My heart hurt for the kids on the other team, and I felt angry that anyone would say that to someone else’s child. I prayed that it would not get into anyone’s spirit. How would he have liked it if someone had talked to his son or daughter that way?

I feel trash talking is quite common place. In sports arenas, stadiums, schools and homes across America and even the world, it has become acceptable. Let that trash get into your spirit and there truly is life and death in the power of the tongue. I believe that if we work as a team with one of the steps being the elimination of trash talk, we will raise healthier more confident and more competent adults. We can feast at the lord’s banquet knowing that his satisfaction is guaranteed. ***

In My Spirit

In my spirit, I feel strong, confident and alive
I remember my teacher saying, “you will be successful at anything you choose to do,”
but over the years, I’ve allowed others’ statements in
such as “you never do anything right.”
“You’re not smart enough.”
“why do you always mess up?”
But now, I’ve learned to love myself
I see myself as God sees me the way the Bible says I am
and then I remembered, the teacher who said to me, “you will be successful at anything you choose to do.”
The cleansing power of God has cleansed my spirit, and now I know, my teacher spoke the truth.
In my spirit, I am strong, confident and alive.

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