Sammy Girl #recycling#Climate#Earth

Sammy Girl #recycling#Climate#Earth

Let the sunshine in! Let the sunshine in! Open up your heart and let the sunshine in! Even when it’s cloudy let the sunshine in!

Every morning without fail I sang this song after I fed Campbell, while opening of the shades. No matter the weather, no matter my mood, this was a part of our day.

Lately however, I have gotten out of the habit. This morning while I was going through our morning routine, I having to stop by the entertainment center and there’s that my faithful peace Lily Sammy Girl.

Always she has a couple of blooms, always her leaves are perked up, always she is a bright spot in our day. But…

This morning when I touched her, I found her leaves drooping. I found her blooms dead. And I suddenly realized how sad she was. She had been forgotten. In my gloom and doom and despair and depression and bad mood, my not singing our song and opening up the shades had caused her to be sad too.

We must remember the plants. We must take care of all gods creatures. Plants are not able to speak and say hey I need watered or hey I need food or hi, I need spoken to. Pay attention to me.

And so I learned a lesson.

I am sorry!

God has given us these creatures to take care of. And I forgot.

So now I remember. It is the same with all of us. Oh, just tossed it out the window. Someone else will pick it up. Just throw everything in the trashcan. Recycling is a waste of time.

Today I urge you, pick up trash, put it in its place. Recycle, be mindful.

Park your car and walk or ride your bicycle or take the bus whenever possible.

Turn off lights, televisions, computers, and other devices when you are not using them.

Turn down the thermostat, and put on a sweater or a wrap up in a blanket.

Take care of mother earth, and she will take care of you.

Sammy Girl, I am sorry, I forgot you.

Thank you for cleaning the air in my house, thank you for making it beautiful, and please forgive my ignorance.

May Harmony find you, and blessed be.


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