In the coming days, I will be reviewing my first book, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life why am I doing this? I have been re-reading my book. I am reading it via the Kindle app, and with text to speech enabled. I am not reading it in a text form such as word, or PDF. I know, that if I do I will unavoidably   take on the form of the author. My goal this time around of reading my book is this, I want to read as A reader, not as an author. If I read this again, in a text form of some kind, my fingers would be tapping and itching, to rewrite. It has been published, there is no going back. I cannot imagine doing a rerun.

What I am doing, is writing a second book, the title, The Raw Truth: Campbell’s Rambles Book Two

Why? A  second book? Because many readers of the first book, have asked questions concerning things that were barely touched on, or simply alluded to, in the first book. I want to address, those issues. I want to bring them out talk about them openly, honestly, and then, put them to rest. I want to learn, the true meaning, of “Be well” I want to learn, the true meaning, of, “leave it” I want to know, true “freedom” I know that I will accomplish this when I finish my second book.

I have gotten into the second half, of my book now. It has been fascinating to read. Some of it, I had literally forgotten I wrote. No, contrary to popular belief, most of us riders don’t remember every word we write. We have to go look it up, just like everybody else.

I have been laughing, crying, and getting angry, just as any reader would. It has been fun, challenging, and fascinating, to take the author, aspect out of this. I am, learning, about myself as I do so. I am also, learning true forgiveness. Forgiveness of myself. I have been, for the last longest time, beating myself up about mistakes I made, and things I’ve done, that I so horribly regret. When I went to the Seeing Eye, and got Campbell, it  was as if I were given a   magik  key and stood before a door, a door that would lead to a new and wondrous life. I was given gentle guidance and instruction as how to use this magik key, but   For a time, I became seriously confused  What did I learn from this experience? I learned that sometimes when you get lost the best thing to do is go “forward quote until you find something you recognize, a landmark, something you can put your feet on steady yourself with, and  get your bearings, and continue from. That is what I am doing now. I am learning, growing, and finding my way. I am doing it healthily, and happily. It is with great happiness, that I continue to read this book. I will let you know as the days go on, of the new learning that I gain from this. What I want to know, from you who have read the book, what questions do you have. What things would you like to know that I didn’t answer for you? What things would you like to say about it? Don’t be afraid to speak. I cannot improve if I don’t know what to remove. I cannot make it better, if I cannot add The descriptions, colors if you will, to make the picture, I wish to write, draw,  with words, for you. I cannot do this, if I do not know what you, the reader wants, needs, and desires from me, the writer.

For now, I leave you with this wish just for you…

“May harmony find you, and Blessid Be”

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