Review of the Spirits of the West Western Paranormal Anthology by Patty L. Fletcher: Blog Tour Day 7

Review of the Spirits of the West Western Paranormal Anthology by Patty L. Fletcher: Blog Tour Day 7


Spirits of the West Western Paranormal Anthology

Compiled and Edited by Kaye Lynne Booth

Reviewed by Patty L. Fletcher


Spirits of the west are often found in unexpected places. They can be found in a saloon in Colorado territory, on a wagon train in South Africa’s plains, or on a distant planet in another galaxy. They can be the bringers of revenge or the protectors of the weak. Indulge yourself in eight unique paranormal stories with western spirit in Spirits of the West.

Over the past week, we’ve all been treated to a rather unique blog tour featuring a wonderful anthology with the theme of western paranormal.

If it’s one thing I’ve learned over the years from reading westerns, it’s that in the old west, there are many tales of ghosts, spirits, and if one looks hard enough, a witch or two.

I love such tales, so when I was asked to review the ‘Spirits of the West Western Paranormal Anthology,’ I leaped at the chance.

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Today, on day 7 of the Spirits of the West Blog Tour, I’m happily reviewing the anthology itself.

Though I read all eight stories within, only a few stood out for me in a big way, and though the winning story ‘High Desert Rose’ by Enid Holden was magnificent, I personally loved her other entry, ‘Queen of Spades’ much better. It appealed to me for many reasons, but the two that stood out most of all were ‘The use of the reading playing cards as the Tarot’ and ‘Her Method of Revenge.’

Other favorites were ‘Don’t Eat the Pickled Eggs’ by author Kaye Lynne Booth, ‘The Thirsty Land Journey, ‘The Mound’ (both by author Robbie Cheadle, and ‘Gun Smoke’ by author Tom Johnson.

In this anthology, I found shades of Shemmy and Roland from Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower series’ and, of course, good old Matt Dylan himself.

Each story had a good helping of intrigue and suspense, and all were satisfactory reads.

I was given a copy of the book for the purpose of this review and am grateful to have had a chance to enjoy the stories within.

Overall, if I were giving the book a star rating, it would receive four stars.

If you’re looking for an entertaining read during your daily commute or on a wintery afternoon, this anthology will suffice.

This closes our tour.

Thanks very much for joining us. Happy reading and blessid be.


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  2. Thank you Patty for the wonderful review and your support of the tour. 🙂

  3. Hi Patty, thank you for your lovely review of Spirits of the West. I also like Enid’s story about the card playing and the intriguing mode of revenge. I learned a bit about the legends of the native American’s too, which is something I welcome.

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