Repost of Day 2 of the WordCrafter – Visions Anthology – Book Blog Tour

Repost of Day 2 of the WordCrafter – Visions Anthology – Book Blog Tour

Good morning, I hope all are well.

I’m here to repost day 2 of our Visions Anthology book blog tour.

Somehow, while work was being done on my site this post disappeared.

We’d love to have you enjoy and comment on this post.

The background features varying shades of blue with balls of lighter and darker blues, like unfocused sparkles in the air. In the foreground on the left is the a book with a similar cover as the background. The book cover also features a shining disco ball, which is giving off those sparkles. Above the disco ball is the title "visions: A Word Crafter Anthology" in yellow. "visions" is lowercase and in bold letters. The subtitle "A Word Crafter Anthology" is smaller, capitalized, and in slanted, elegant font. At the bottom of the book the byline reads "Edited by Kaye Lynn Booth" in the same size and font as the subtitle. 
Also in the foreground of the main photo on the right is an excerpt. It reads:
"Farewell, My Miko" By Michaele Jordon
"four men - and as many pretty girls - rose at Ayumu's entrance. The three young men were wearing suits, as Ayumu had expected. They all bowed, and the elder said, "Welcome, Toyotomi-san. You do us honor."
Ayumu and Miko bowed in return. Under cover of the b ow, Miko whispered faintly. "There's a lot of scanning going on here. They've all got neural nets."
"Not at all, Inagawa-sama," replied Ayumu. It is you who honor me with your invitation. In fact..." He rose, and pressed Miko forward. "I am hoping you will accept a token of my respect." 
She bowed deeply, setting the bag on the table. The elder opened the drawstring, looking inside. He waved a hand over it as he went on looking. Ayumu was reminded of the guard robot, scanning Miko's card, trying to resolve incomprehensible data." 
This text is also in yellow, bolded font.

Hi everyone, thanks for dropping by my worlds for day 2 of the WordCrafter Visions Anthology Book Blog Tour.

Before we get started with today’s feature, Let’s take a moment to hand it off to Kaye who has directions for enjoying the full tour.


Welcome to the WordCrafter Visions Book Blog Tour, where we are celebrating the release of the Visions anthology, which releases today, October 18.. It’s a fantastic science fiction, fantasy & horror anthology filled with nineteen unique stories and we have an amazing eight day tour planned to honor the occasion. With a guest post for each day; two seperate interviews: one with the author of the 2022 WordCrafter Short Fiction Contest, Roberta Eaton Cheadle, also known to many of us as Robbie, and contributing author Sara Wesley McBride will also interview me; three reviews; and a fantastic digital giveaway, this tour promises to be full of surprises. Join us and help send Visions off right.


(The links below won’t work until each post goes live)

Monday – October 17 – Guest Post – Billie Holladay Skelley & Winning Story Interview with Roberta Eaton Cheadle – Writing to be Read

Tuesday – October 18 – Guest Post – Michaele Jordan – Patty’s World

Wednesday – October 19 – Guest Post – D.L. Mullan – The Showers of Blessings

Thursday – October 20 – Guest Post – C.R. Johanssen – Robbie’s Inspiration

Friday – October 21 – Guest Post – Patty L. Fletcher & Review – Zigler’s News

Saturday – October 22 – Guest Post – Jeff Bowles – Writing to be Read & Interview w/ Kaye Lynne Booth on SaraWesleyMcBride

Sunday – October 23 – Guest Post – Stephanie Kraner – Roberta Writes

Monday – October 24 – Guest Post – Joseph Carabis – Writing to be Read & Review – Undawnted

Digital Giveaway

We’re doing a digital giveaway which offers copies of Visions to three lucky winners, and you can enter at each stop just by leaving a comment so I know you were there. So, follow the tour, comment at each stop, and learn more about this exceptional anthology at the same time.

Now, day 2.

I met Michaele Jordan when I began following the authors working with WordCrafter.

Then, when the Visions Anthology came out and we were asked to promote, I was privileged to read and review Farewell, my Miko.

This morning, as I read, I was immediately drawn in by the mix of futuristic, ancient, as well as various types of magic and illusion.

We’ve gangs Japan and Russia, with a touch of Mafia as well.

Throughout the adventure we’re reminded forcefully, especially near the end, that we are all given powers and must never forget to handle them wisely, for with power there’s always a price.

A well-rounded plot with brilliantly written dialog.

I invite you to enjoy Farewell, my Miko, then, dive into the rest of the stories.

Here’s Michaele Jordan to tell us how it all began.

As you read, you’ll see, the story’s becoming is worthy of a tale all its own.

About Farewell, my Miko

Michaele Jordan

I cannot tell you how glad I am that my story, Farewell, my Miko, has found a home here in Visions, a WordCrafter Anthology. My heartfelt thanks to Kaye Booth for making it possible.

You see, this was not just the sale of a story for me – although selling a story is always a happy occasion. But this particular story was an orphan.

Eight years ago, I was approached by an ambitious young author/editor/creator who invited me to submit to his latest anthology. All the stories were to be set in a specific alternate future in which the US had lost World War II and the victorious Axis powers had flooded the world with advanced technology. The stories were all to take place in the Japanese underground. The anthology, and its companion game, were called Tokyo Yakuza

The cover of the comic book Tokyo Yakuza features a busty woman dressed in lingerie. She wears a lacy, black, strapless bralette that reaches the top of her belly button. She wears matching frilly, skirt-like underwear and garters with straps. She wears thigh-high leather and buttons boots with high heels and silver platforms. She holds a katana in her left hand and an automatic gun in her right. She wears black, wrist-length gloves. She has very long, shiny brown hair. She wears a braid crown andhas cat ears atop her head. She has light colored skin. She stands in a large, covered outdoor patio with sprawling green hills and red japanese trees and shrubs. The arches are squared and rice paper closes off sections. On the floor around the woman are several dead men. 
On the top right of the photograph is a yellow and black striped design with a red center that reads "Tokyo Yakuza: I'd like you dead" in yellow writing. Beneath the words is a black silhouette of a city. To the left of this design is a description that reads, "Japan won the second world war. Now the Yakuza are starting the third!"
Below the yellow and black square design are red Japanese letters in a vertical pattern across the right side of the cover.
At the bottom of the cover is  the title "Tokyo Yakuza" in yellow, gritty letters. Underneath that reads "Issues #1-#24 Plus one bonus story!"

Numerous stories were acquired. Cover pictures were signed to them. Individual authors were asked to write follow up stories, which included links to other author’s stories. We were all very excited. Volume One was said to be in press. We had all seen the game online.

And then it vanished. Nobody ever heard from our editor again. Some said he’d pissed off the real yakuza. Others said he’d taken the advances he’d collected and fled. Me? I sighed very, very deeply and rewrote my story as a stand-alone. The only record I can find on-line for any of this is an elderly ad for the game.

A picture of Michaele Jordan. She has short grey, white hair and round, thin framed glasses. She wears a loose, white, long-sleeve, button up shirt and a black vest on top of that. She wears a blue and white nametag. She is looking down at a piece of paper in her hands and sitting at a table or desk. Behind her is a large room with brown carpeting and a woman in a lavender purple shirt and brown hair is on the left. Michaele's face is serious as she reads.

Michaele Jordan was born in LA, educated in New York, and lives in Cincinnati. She’s worked at a kennel, a Hebrew School and AT&T. Now she writes, supervised by a long-suffering husband and two domineering cats.
Her first novel, Blade Light, was serialized in Jim Baen’s Universe, followed by her occult thriller, Mirror Maze.
Her work has appeared in the “Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction,” “Abyss & Apex,” and “Buzzy Mag”. Horror fans will enjoy her ‘Blossom’ series, from The Crimson Pact series.
Her website,, is undergoing reconstruction, but just grab a hard hat, and come on in.

Purchase your copy of the Visions Anthology today at:

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