Reminder! author – poet Marlene Mesot with her Community Author Friends on the In Perspective Podcast Today 5 PM Eastern #ACB #InPerspective

Reminder! author – poet Marlene Mesot with her Community Author Friends on the In Perspective Podcast Today 5 PM Eastern #ACB #InPerspective


When? Friday September 15, 2023, 5 PM eastern.

Marlene Mesot along with fellow authors Carol Farnsworth, Lynda Lambert and Patty Fletcher will be discussing the collective book Strange Weather Anthology: True Quirks of Nature.

Sponsored by In Perspective.

Fun Facts:

11 authors present 15 entries, 3 poems, 12 personal essays.

9 of the 11 authors belong to Behind Our Eyes Writers with Disabilities group.

7 of the 11 authors have been published in The Avocet and/or The Weekly Avocet by Charles Portolano, Editor who showcased the anthology in his community.

Marlene hopes to see you there.

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Strange Weather Anthology: True Quirks of Nature


Strange Weather Anthology cover shows top left bright sunshine, yellow-orange blend, top right corner wide black triangular cloud  encroaching, red sky underneath, all reflected on water with small island sillhouettebottom left. No one can do anything about the weather, but we have captured it. Strange Weather Anthology: True Quirks of Nature is a collection of 15 true life stories from the 11 talented authors who lived through them, captured in vivid detail, in prose and verse. Some entries also include actual photographs.

Have you been through a hurricane…on a ship, seen balls of fire and strange flashes in the sky, dodged tornados while driving, seen a vivid or double rainbow or experienced strange rain patterns, unexpected torrential storms, different weather patterns at the same time, or woken to find myriads of giant snowballs everywhere?

Look inside for these awe-inspiring stories told from a personal perspective, including short autobiographies and where to find these remarkable authors.

From a chance remark about a mixed bag of weather one day while posting to my writers’ group list, a unique weather response to a writing prompt, remarks from fellow writers and phone conversations, I felt that the unusual personal experiences would make a treasure worth sharing. These occurrences prompted me to decide to gather these odd but true stories for a unique reading and visualization experience. ~ Marlene Mesot, editor

About Author Marlene Mesot.

Marlene Mesot writes contemporary Christian mystery, romantic suspense, fantasy, short stories and poetry. She has loved writing since early childhood.


Visit Marlene on her Website here.


This book is available in print and e-book accessible format wherever you order books.

Strange Weather Anthology

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