Relaxing, Going With the Flow: Peace of Mind Is Worth It All

Relaxing, Going With the Flow: Peace of Mind Is Worth It All

Good morning readers, and writers, everywhere!
This morning, I was reading blog posts from fellow bloggers, when one in particular inspired me.

The blogger wrote of enjoying the process of writing.

Wrote of, not getting too caught up in time-lines, dead-lines, etc.

Wrote of how she was starting many things over in her life.

Well, this is, after all the time of the Celtic New Year, and time to think about what to rid ourselves of, and what to keep.

Getting involved in pressurized activities, might very well be something to rid yourself of.

Anyhow, the following is taken from a comment I made to her post.

I’ve edited just a tad.

Happy Celtic New Year, and blessid be.

I do not participate in pressurized writing of any kind.

The closest thing I ever do that requires a deadline is to participate when asked in an anthology every now and then.

I don’t even enter writing contests, unless the deadline is more than two months away from the time I see it.

I self-publish, which means I set my own deadline, and if it gets close, and I’m not ready, I push it back some more.

I like being in charge of my own self. My own work, and basically my own life.

Time is, after all, nothing but something man made up.

If, we all went by nothing but the sun, moon, stars, and seasons, violence, depression, suicide and the like, most likely except in very rare cases of humans just gone wrong, would not exist.

I might not have much, and at times my food and finance run thin, and every once in a great while I sweat that, but for the most part, peace of mind is worth it all.

Until next time, this is Patty, who is learning, all be it slowly, to relax, and go with the flow, and King Campbell, A.K.A Bubba who has that process down and doggy, saying…

May harmony find you, and blessid be.

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