Recording – Living in an Attitude of Gratitude – Standing True to Myself and the Creator – and Thank You to My Framily #Audio, #Emotion, #Inspiration

Recording – Living in an Attitude of Gratitude – Standing True to Myself and the Creator – and Thank You to My Framily #Audio, #Emotion, #Inspiration

Today, has been a day of many emotions.

I could write a well thought out piece, spell check and edit it to perfection but sometimes I feel a voice with emotion and inflection is in order.

With that thought in mind and feeling rather full of story, I have made a recording I’d like to share with you.

It’s not been edited, it’s raw straight-forward and honest.

I hope you’ll give me a listen.

Your thoughts are welcome


  1. Hi Patty, I am sorry you are having family issues. I can relate to an extent as I’ve had terrible difficulties with my relationship with one of my sisters. You have a wonderful attitude to life. Hugs

    1. good morning Robbie. Thank you for listening to my audio post. I listened afterward and felt like I might have rambled just a little bit in a disconnected fashion in the end. But that’s just me criticizing my work. In reference to the content and subject matter it seems to me the more I share my story with others the more I find that everyone seems to have some issue within their family structure. I have come to the conclusion that this is because like it or not families are made up of people individuals who have their own Waze and sometimes those just do not click if we were simply people on the street meeting in circumstance, etc., there are people in my family that I would not give the time of day to as a friend they would not be pursued and it is sad that I need to say that but it is so I also believe that people have unrealistic expectations of what a family is supposed to be. That is my daughters problem. It’s a very long story and one that I hope I can find the courage to write speaking of writing. I’m having a very difficult time writing chapter 3 of my book to in my trilogy, which I have committed to put on my blog and is due in September, so I am trying to get inspired if you have questions that didn’t get answered in the first book that you’d like to ask me email me those and maybe I can get my muse to work have a great rest of your day. I am dictating this and hope it comes out OK.

      1. Hi Patty, your response is perfect. Families are full of issues. As you said, we can chose our friends but not our families. I have experienced a lot of hurt from within my family so you are definitely not alone. With regards to your book two, I will go back and have a relook at it. I know I did have questions. Don’t worry if you don’t meet self imposed deadlines. People understand when things take longer. We all have lives to live as we write on the side. I told Lauren Scott the same thing when she was late getting her book out. People are forgiving, especially in this lovely community of ours. Hugs

    2. This is proving to be a little more difficult than I thought. Luckily, I found a lot of journaled entries, which will assist me.

      1. Wine also helps. Unfortunately, the cash flow doesn’t support. Lol.

      2. It is helpful to have source documents to work from.

        1. Yes, these days my short term memory issues have short term issues.
          Thanks for your support Robbie.

          1. You are welcome

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