Reality Ramblings Round Up

Reality Ramblings Round Up

Good morning CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! Here’s hoping this day finds you SASSY and SATISFIED!!! If not WHY??? That’s up to you to decide. For me, I know that, today is yesterday’s tomorrow, and tomorrow is another day.

I have been reading through some of my own ramblings posts, and thinking about what I’d been trying to communicate as I reviewed all my thoughts. As with my book, I am now reading as the reader, the website surfer, browsing and just happening by. Enjoying some of what I wrote, questioning others, and figuring out ways to express myself more clearly, and in the most safe ways possible.

Realizing the reality of Magyk is Imagination Made Real By Force of Will. Which in my mind is no more than fervent, prayer, faith healing, etc.

I am writing in my SFF my dare to dream, my desire, my need. The Raw Truth need not be seen to know. All is needed is to read. To see the world from Lady MoonWalker’s view, and as she and King travel through their own creation of Universe.

See the Neighborhood News continued, if in no other way than to keep being published here each month.

None is for one-hundred percent sure, never can be. I am learning though that the Stones’ songs are true, and that if I can’t get no satisfaction, then it might be my own LOA (Law of Atraction) and that I might want to get myself straight up, and realize that, you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.

I am looking forward to a new and different future than anything I ever planned. Talk about manifestation though. On one hand I am opening possibilities never before written of in this way. I want to show how someone like myself, can go from a productive full time employer with partial supervisor status, to a person needing to live in a residential building set up especially for the Elderly and disAbled.

I have decided that I want very much to find a way to tell of this place as I write other stories found here.

I ask you Readers indulge me briefly as I explore cautiously this new frontier.

Campbell and I are a bit apprehensive It is obvious that I am not alone in these feelings. Campbell’s misbehavior slightly humorous or not, was due to his stress. Campbell eats, like the rest of us when he is dealing with a high stress situation. I laugh but for him serious scavenging is a sign of stress.

I will have to be a handler who stuffs emotions while working through these new hallways, and situations, but if handled correctly the both god us are going to experience yet another bonding process, and life experience to share.

For us that’s what it is about, and yes, believe it or not, he knows he’s part of something. I have spoiled and loved him right into knowing he’s special and that the harness makes it so. He is top notch because. Ask Robert Donald, AKA Bobby. He’s quoted as having said, “Campbell’s a top bench dog.” That gave me pride like you don’t know. Bobby is in cycling and business and knows something about that terminology and it was a complement for sure. Yeah The Seeing Eye got me started, but it has been and continues to be up to Campbell and me together to keep it going, and we’re having a blast doing it. From here on out, as much as is possible I want to write of all our adventures, trials, and triumphs. I am excited, scared, sad, and happy, all at one time, and it’s allot to process. Writing it in a story helps, and that is my plan to cope.

Thanks for reading all and have a great day.

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