Real freedom: dictated

Real freedom: dictated

What is real freedom?

I assume it means different things, to different people.
The following is what it means to me.

A day of challenges. A day of blessings. A day of lessons learned.

9 AM November 8 2016 election day One day before my 49th birthday.

Campbell and I head out to the bus. Off to eat breakfast. Then, to vote. Easy right?

Got to breakfast at my favorite deli just fine. Visited with a friend, great! Rode the bus back home, to give dog a break, and find out what I needed to do to go and vote successfully. On my own.

After several attempts at calling the election commission, Chamber of Commerce, and Kingsport city building, and not reaching anyone, but answering machines, and fax machine, I called KATS (Kingsport area transit system) found out which bus went to the kingsport civic auditorium and giving no thought to where it might stop, to let me off Campbell and I were off and running once again. I Dumaine running. I had gotten caught up in cleaning the kitchen, and almost left the house too late to even catch the bus I need it. Campbell however, was on the ball, and just as we were executing a neat left turn to the bus stop in question The bus pulled up in front of us and it Campbell let me safely aboard.

We were off on our journey, or?? So I thought. 🙄 HAHA!

As I began to talk with the bus driver, on the bus we had transferred to, the second bus, we would take to get to the voting place, I learned of where the bus did stop. Not being quite certain of the area, I determined it was not something I wanted to do. I am dealing with a cold, this leaves the ears not functioning quite right, can cause you to miss-here traffic, and can cause you to become disoriented. Not something I wanted to do in an unfamiliar area. 🤔

As we travel back home, I posted to Facebook concerning our dilemma. I also texted a friend. Best friend texted back and offered me a ride to The civic Center. After only a brief hesitation, I said yes. Told my friend what time to meet me at my house, and happily headed home.

Gave Campbell a bit of time out of his harness, myself a cup of coffee. Soon our friend was here, Campbell was loaded into the car, and we were off again.

When we got to the voting polls, I found a unexpected surprise. Although I had heard of accessible voting machines in other states, I was on sure ours would have them. I need not be dismayed. They were indeed accessible. First off, the workers were friendly, and extremely helpful. The voting machine had Braille on the keys, and voice over audio. This allowed me to make my own selection, and cast my own vote. First time ever, I felt like I cast my very own vote and was 100% sure of whom I voted for.

Wish I had remembered to have Dave take a picture. 😡

I was simply so caught up in the moment, I didn’t think about it. I had thought of it earlier, but in the excitement it slipped my mind.

I hope you all will share this post. I want to thank you for reading. In answer to my question above, this story, this entire day, The ability to go out, even to find out something was not quite doable for me, in one way, but to find another in its stead, that ladies and gentlemen that is freedom.

The simple act of voting, is something most people take for granted. Some even complain about it, and a few won’t do it for fear of a bit of inconvenience. I say to you, would you have gone through all that just to cast your vote? If not, I am sorry for you. I am tired, my dog is tired, but we were free to get that way. Thank you everyone.

I thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed my post.

I hope it helps you understand why I write as I do. I want you to understand the challenges that person such as myself face. That is the goal of this blog. That is the goal of this post.

This is the land of the free. Thank God, and Goddess for it.

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