READING WITH THE AUTHORS: Trish Hubschman Reviews My Ideal Partner: How I Met, Married, and Cared for the Man I Loved Despite Debilitating Odds

READING WITH THE AUTHORS: Trish Hubschman Reviews My Ideal Partner: How I Met, Married, and Cared for the Man I Loved Despite Debilitating Odds

Author Trish Hubschman Reviews: My Ideal Partner: How I Met, Married, and Cared for the Man I Loved Despite Debilitating Odds (Copyright July 2016)




I just   finished reading Abby Johnson Taylor’s book “My ideal Partner”.  It’s a true story of love and courage.   Abby’s husband,  Bill, has a stroke a  few months after they’re married in 2005,paralyzing the left side of his body.   Abby, who is  visually  impaired and petite, does her best to take care of him, never losing her patience or resolve.  Unfortunately, in 2010, she is resigned to put him in a nursing home, though she continues to be with him as often as possible with her always cheery and positive attitude.  Sadly, Bill passes  away shortly  thereafter. The people, story and  writing in this book are incredible. I couldn’t stop reading “My Ideal Partner’ and finished it in three days.




Stiff Competition

By Trish Hubschman



About The Series

In 1997, Trish saw the rock band, Styx, for the first time at Radio City Music Hall in New York.  She fell in love.  The following year, she created the fictional character, musician, Danny Tide from the rock band Tidalwave.  She wrote two romance novels with him as the main character. After that, he was put in the drawer for a decade.  She continued seeing her favorite band in concert, Styx.  Around 2010, her Long Island private investigator, Tracy Gayle, emerged for her own set of mystery stories.  Never did it dawn on her that at some point she would bring Tracy and Danny together.  In 2014, a few days after she saw Styx, their tour bus burst into flames.  She tried to find out the cause, but was unsuccessful.  She decided to weave her own tale about it.  Tracy Gayle solves Tidalwave’s tour bus fire. That was Book One. The chemistry between the lady PI and the rock musician is incredible from the start.


About Stiff Competition

America’s favorite rock band, Tidalwave, is playing the Miss America pageant.  Band leader, Danny Tide, is emceeing the event.  All is going according to schedule.  The judges have picked the 10 semi-finalists.  Suddenly, everything comes to a halt.  Miss New Jersey is missing.  Nobody knows what happened to her or where she is.  Danny calls his longtime PI friend, Tracy Gayle, and asks her to come down to Atlantic City to help figure things out.  In need of her best friend for personal support and eager to get to another case, Tracy agrees. There’s an all-out search of the hotels on the boardwalk.  They find Miss New Jersey, but it’s not good.  Her kidnapping leads to another assault and murder.  The big star and the lady PI work together on this one, so that the Miss America pageant can continue as usual.



To my wonderful husband, Kevin.  He proofreads all my stories and tells me I’m a good writer.

To my mom, who also reads all my stories and enjoys them.  She’s been behind me every step of the way in my life.



Author’s Bio

Trish has published three books under America Star Books, a short story Collection of time travel/romances called Through Time and the first two books in the Tracy Gayle/Danny Tide series, The Fire and Unlucky Break.

She’s also written a short story, The Officer and His Sweet Heart, which was published in the winter 2018 Slate and Style Magazine which can be enquired of by visiting:


She attended college at Long Island University’s-Southampton Campus with a Bachelor’s degree in English-Writing.  She lives on Long Island with her husband and two dogs and can be contacted at palhub&

and found on Facebook as

Patricia Hubschman.







  1. Actually, it was the fall of 2012 when Bill moved to the nursing home after he became too weak for me to care for him safely at home. Otherwise, this is a good review, and I plan to re-blog it.

    1. Thanks Abbie for commenting and correcting.

      Trish is hearing impaired and must’ve misheard the information.

      It’s something she works hard to overcome.

      I’m so glad you’re going to reblog too. It makes me happy when I can profile two totally talented clients at once.

      Trish you did a great job and you beat me at reading Abbie’s book.


  2. Reblogged this on My Corner and commented:
    thanks to Trish, a fellow author in one of my writing groups, for reviewing My Ideal Partner on Campbell’s World. I’m afraid she got one thing not quite right. Bill moved to the nursing home in 2012, not 2010. Otherwise, it’s a good review, and I encourage you to read it and my book.

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