READING WITH THE AUTHORS: Thought-Provoking Poems #Thursday Book Feature

READING WITH THE AUTHORS: Thought-Provoking Poems #Thursday Book Feature


Good morning campbellsworld visitors.

This post gives me immense pleasure to share because it allows me to feature two of my clients at once.

Abbie’s written a magnificent review of Butterfly Thomas’s new book, and I am on my way to pick up a copy.

Now, since Abbie’s book information is found on her blog, I am going to leave off sharing that info. You’ll be able to find it when you click to read this review.

But, I’d like to include the link to Butterfly’s book here so you can find it easily because I don’t see that in Abbie’s lovely review.

Visit the author’s website to learn about and buy her books:

Thanks Abbie for a fabulous review and for once again featuring our Facebook event.



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  1. Actually, Patty, the book’s title at the top of the post is a link to where it can be purchased on Smashwords. I just tested it, and it works. I’m sorry you didn’t find that earlier.

    1. Oh heck! My apologies. My email program didn’t show it.

      Well… Looks like we gave Butterfly double duty.

      Please forgive my speaking out of turn without correct cause.


      And, you’re welcome for the reblog.

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