READING WITH THE AUTHORS: The Dark Valley by Claire Plaisted

READING WITH THE AUTHORS: The Dark Valley by Claire Plaisted

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I spent a lovely afternoon enjoying this book.
I’ll be reviewing it soon, but I can promise that if you pick up a copy you’ll not regret doing so.
Campbell and I were hanging out on our back deck as we read, and at one point I was so into the action that when the wind blew over the gate leaning against the top step to keep Campbell from escaping out into the neighborhood, crashing it to the deck I nearly leapt to my feet so certain of trolls on the attack was I.

The Dark Valley by Claire Plaisted

Fantasy YA portraying a strong woman and a start to romance.
A dark fairy tale with some not very likeable creatures called Trolls who run mines to source precious gems.
The Crones are witch-like characters who want what every older woman wants – to be young and pretty.
The Crones have magical powers, and they take the soul of the young people to help them achieve this. That is until along came Clarissa who finally breaks the curse on their valley.
“Father,” he grinned. “What’s with the next valley over? It’s like winter over there, all cold and dark.”
“Evil is there, don’t say you…”
“No, I stayed in the forest father. I didn’t like the look of it.”
“Good, remember to stay away, too,” he scolded.
“Evil? What type of evil lives close to us?”
“Why so interested Caspian?”
“I – I heard a girl singing with such a pure voice, it was beautiful.”
“Pure evil,” he frowned. “Stay away, the witches don’t like strangers, most never come back.”
“Don’t worry father, I was only wondering.”
“Remember, curiosity killed the cat.”
They entered the house, grabbing a drink of ale each as they sat waiting for their dinner.


You want to know who I am? Well, let’s see!
I’m British born and bred, although I have lived most of my life in New Zealand. Sweet as? (Kiwi Saying) I love New Zealand, best little country in the world today, though I’m sure others will have different opinions.
First and foremost, I am a wife and mother of four children, though we lost our youngest 17 years ago. My husband and I have been married for 28 years this year. Our two eldest daughters are in the UK having their OE (Overseas Experience as they call them in Kiwiland). My son is about to start university to study architecture.
This will be the first time my husband and I will have true freedom to do as we wish, when we wish, without the phrase “Get a room” from the kids with our reply of “Don’t need one. Got a house.” And that was just about kissing…lol. Kids these days!
I am a Family History Researcher and have been for the past twenty years. I fell into writing in 2012 and became a multi-genre author because the muses…yeah more than one…wouldn’t shut the up. I have published over thirty books and have over a hundred drafts on my computer. My main genres are Children’s Adventure Stories, Young Fantasy, Young Adult Fantasy, New Adult Murder Mystery Romance under my own name. Under my pen name of Beth Bayley, I write Contemporary Billionaire Romance (reverse aka the woman is the billionaire) as well as a set of Mythical Welsh stories. I also have one wayward muse who I call Chloe King who is an Erotic Author. Pain in the … and a nympho. Meanwhile, I’ll stay prudish, thanks.
In 2014 I set up my own Publishing Company called Plaisted Publishing House Ltd, which now runs an Author Assist program for Formatting, Editing and Book Covers. We’ve helped over 32 clients in various different ways. We also do Family History Books.
I join EE last year, though I have only recently found the time to get my first book sorted. It is called ‘The Dark Valley’ by Claire Plaisted and is about a young woman who is strong in nature.
You can contact me at: ADULTS ONLY

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