Reading notifications: dictated

Reading notifications: dictated

As I have been reading my notifications, here on word press, I am blessed to say that people are reading, commenting, etc. I just wanted to write a quick note to all of you and let you know how much you mean to me.

Each day I feel in adequate to do this at all. I know that it is not pretty like a lot of people do, I know that I don’t have lots of pictures, there are lots of things I still don’t know how to do. Somehow, someday, I will get very good at this. Some day I will know all I need to know and then some.
I just wanted all of you who read, and egg knowledge me, to know just how special you are.

I’m sure there are others who read my stuff that just don’t say anything you are important to but I cannot know of you if you do not let me.

Thank you again to everyone have a wonderful evening.


  1. I know the feeling, but when I hear the ping of wordpress on my phone, I know that someone has liked, commented or followed my blog.

  2. I completely get you. I to get excited when I hear my word press notification go off. This lets me know that someone has enjoyed what I have written. That, is the whole reason I right. I do not want fame. I won’t lie and say that I would not like for my book to become a bestseller, but I write so that others can know what it is like to live the kind of life I do. I write, so that others can be entertained, maybe uplifted, or, so that they know that there is someone going through similar issues as are they. I share other peoples work, so that others can learn of them. So that there can be a variety on my blog. So that people know what my interests are. I hope, when I do this, that it encourages others, to do likewise. I hope, maybe someone will share my work one day. When someone likes what I have written or comments to let me know, this lets me know what to write more of. If people don’t like what I am writing, and they do not tell me, I do not know to stop writing it. This, is why feedback is so important to authors. This is why I so very much wish that people would review my book. Go to Amazon go to smash words go to Kindle go to a site review my book. If you have read it let me know what you think. I am going to write another. I want to improve. I cannot do this if people do not let me know the good and the bad and the ugly. I put my heart away along time ago. My feelings will not be hurt. The whole goal of writing is to give people what they want. If my book is not selling I should know why. Is it because they do not know of it? Is it because they did not like what it said? How can I know if people do not say? I have had people write me and say, you should not ask people so many questions. Why? Why? Would someone say that? How can someone know if they are not told? This nonsense of silence is golden, and, if I am not saying anything you are doing a good job, that does not apply to everything. In writing, we who write must know.

    I learned this morning when I woke, that I had received 200 likes on word press. This means that for whatever reason 200 people liked something of what I said. Or, it means that several people liked several things that I said. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I had a 200 separate waiters. It means that there were posts that people enjoyed. They were posts that meant enough to someone for them to take the time to click, or tap, that like button. I don’t expect everyone to read, or like everything. That would be on reality. What I expect is that if you do not like it don’t be passive aggressive. Let me know. In the past I have had a tendency to pop off. To be explosive. I am changing that image. Why? Because people let me know it was not OK. Because I learned through my writing who I am, and who I want to be. So, pass it on! Talk to me! Engage in conversation! I, will hear you. I will listen. There is a difference. I am still learning, growing, and improving each day. With the readers of my book, my magazine, and my blog, I will do more of this I will continue to be successful. Only, if they let me know will this happen though. So, sound off! Campbells world readers Campbell’s rambles readers the neighborhood news readers let me know. Be silent no more.

    Thank you again for letting me know. Thank you again for reading me. You are appreciated.

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