Reading Nesting And Sunset In The Campbell Kingdom

Reading Nesting And Sunset In The Campbell Kingdom

Good Friday Evening CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS! Campbell and I are back with yet another tale for your reading enjoyment. We’ve been busy since we posted of our walk earlier this afternoon, and now as we wind down the day, even though I am still feeling rather puny, we’re for the most part twe’re still feeling rather contented. After we posted of our walk, and rested a bit, Campbell and I went round the house, setting things back into order. I started in the bed room, with the making of the bed. As I worked, I listened to a book, and Campbell lie in the floor playing with the toys there. Every now and then as I made my way round the bed, straightening blankets, and making Campbell’s bed up on the foot of mine with his special blankets, and baby pillow, he would run up making his sweetest GRRR and Grhowlwlwlwly noises, with some toy or other held in his mouth. As I continued to work, picking up dirty clothes in the bath room, cleaning counters and putting dishes on to soak, and tea on to brew in the kitchen he followed along behind, wagging and wiggling all the way.

As I made my way into the living room Campbell ran ahead, banging his tail on anything that got in his way. Finally all was sat to right, and I made my way back into the kitchen to make our dinner. Stopping in the hall just passed the kitchen on my way from sitting my phone on the shelf in the back hall I picked up Campbell’s food bowl, and bringing it into the kitchen I said, “Bubba I gotta wash your bowl again, it is slimy.” As if he understood he ran round doing figure eights, sneezing and giving Wiggly Waggly, jingly jangly shakes as he went.

As I washed his bowl, and refilled it with fresh kibble from a newly open bag, I sang.

I have found that singing my prayers, helps me stay focused on exactly what I want to say, and helps keep my intent as I mean it to be. As I worked, unknown to me Campbell had made his way into the back hall. When my work was done, I decided to open the windows, and air things out while we ate. As I entered the back bed room I found Campbell lying sprawled in the floor in such a way that he could watch me in the kitchen without getting in my way. As I opened the back window, yet another worry popped into my mind. “Will Campbell have ample room to have the kind of space he needs to feel secure?” Campbell is rather large, too big or not is simply not relevant. I tried to remember what I knew of similar apartments, and as I put Phyllis and Eathon Stevens’ apartment into my mind, I began to relax. I knew I didn’t have all that much furniture and I figured I’d have a good place for his bed, and with the apartments set up as they are he would be able to lie there and see everything in the main part of our new home fine.

As I carried his food into the hall for him a few minutes later he stood expectantly in the bed room doorway wagging his tail in gently looping circles. I gave him the down and rest commands, and he obeyed without fail. As I sat his food down and released him to eat, I decided I would do with this problem as I have done with everything else thus far. As I went back into the kitchen to make my plate, and pour another cup of hot strong black tea and sugar, I prayed. I called on all the directions one at a time, pledged my faithfulness, and asked for protection, prosperity, and wisdom. As I made my way to the living room Campbell was finishing his kibble, and after a huge drink of water came dripping along into the living room to join me. He stopped by my chair, of course, with labs it is always just the smallest possibility that something might fall off your plate that will need disposed of. I waved him onward with my hand and a sharp, “Go! To! Your! Place!” And without much more than a puff from his nose, and swish of his tail he was gone to his bed, and after a moment’s adjustment, flopped down with a groan of disgust!

As I enjoyed my dinner, I read a book. I love to listen to audio books while I eat.

Currently I am reading book 9 Winter’s Heart in the Wheel Of Time Series by, Robert Jordan. I love this series, and although each book is quite long, and there are over 10 books in the series, I come back to it every month or so.

As I read, I gave some thought to what they were talking about. In this particular part of the series, Elaine of Andorre, is trying to understand why these women who hold magickal powers, that have been held captive by a race of beings that kept them leashed and collared like dogs, and made them believe that they could not truly cast on their own without being connected to them by their leashes and collars would pledge loyalty to those who held them captive rather than wanting to be free, I thought about my own life, and the questions that brought into mind for me. I thought about why I allowed Donnie to abuse me as I did, and how when I was at The Seeing Eye I’d been tempted to speak with Drew about it, yet afraid to do so at the same time. Then I remembered how terrified I’d been to think of Drew’s possibly finding out what was going on in our lives when he came to visit. You see, by the time Drew came Donnie had already been officially charged, had lost custody rights to his son, and his house searched, and things taken into evidence. I remembered thinking Drew might notice when passing rooms on the way to the bath room while having dinner in Donnie’s house that night notice that things in certain places had not been disturbed for quite some time. I knew Drew was observant and never missed much. I knew he was too polite and professional to mention it even to me when we were alone, but I knew it could cause him to wonder about things. I remember how horrified I was when Donnie introduced him to Cassie, and she needing to be put sleep so very badly. Her fur was chewed and matted, her eyes were filmed with catteracts, and I realized that what I had been through was much the same as what they were talking of there.

I thought of how earlier when they’d been speaking of a queens advisors such as accountants, and the guard, was much like what is going now with President Elect Donald Trump’s choosing of his staff. I thought of how even though we call this type of reading Science Fiction Fantasy, that it seemed to me the only thing really true about that genre was the plot, characters, and the exaggeration of the types of powers these different beings possessed.

As I finished my dinner and made my way back into the kitchen to clean up from the evening’s meal, and get ready to enjoy the remainder of the evening ahead, I sighed, and said to the air, “Seems to me folks like Robert Jordan, and Steven King just put an imaginary spin on reality based events.

Now, as I sit here writing this to you, and have spent some time reviewing it, I am frustrated to see typos, and have resolved that before the next week is through I will learn some of these short cut keys, and do a better job of editing. As it is I have to arrow through a letter at a time, not even line by line am I able togo, and while I know it is doable, I do not know how. So I will apologize in advance for mistakes, but I simply wanted to write all of this down. Why? Well, I don’t really know, except for the fact that I wanted to remember these times of satisfaction, because here in this home of late they have been few and far between.

Earlier as I was cooking and cleaning in preparation for the evening ahead, I found myself wondering why I wanted to leave if I felt so at peace, and then it dawned on me that I felt at peace because I was leaving, and that the few worries I had were normal, and would work themselves out.

As I close, let me thank all of you who have for reading, and for your continued support as I continue with these changes in mine and Campbell’s life. I hope he is happy with I choose for us, and believe that as long as I am content and make provision for his needs he will adjust. As I am writing he is snoozing, and for this I am glad. He will wake in hour or so, and that will work well for my plan of rearranging his park time. These things have to be done over a period of time increments, and I want to start making changes to his schedule while he is still within the comfort of what has been his home and property for six years.

For now I will go, and as always this is Patty and King Campbell, the Ever Trusting and Loyal Seeing Eye Dog saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.

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