Reading Comprehension! Where Did You Go? #Rant Reposted with corrections

Reading Comprehension! Where Did You Go? #Rant Reposted with corrections

My annoyance and spell check got the better of me so I’m reposting this with corrected spelling.

But, I’m still annoyed!

And let me just add, that it makes those of us who are taking the time and effort to write things especially when we’re under extreme conditions feel rather unimportant when all someone does is throw a quick glance at something and then make a comment or submit something that basically has no relativity to what they responded to.

Just saying…

Reading Comprehension! Where Did You Go?

Over the past few days, I’ve come to realize that many people seem to have lost their ability to truly comprehend and retain what they read.

What leads me to this realization?

Well, let me speak on it…

The first thing that began me thinking on the subject is the ways in which people respond to simple guidelines or instructions.

No matter how I do it when putting out guidelines someone will inevitably submit something to me which I must either return, fix myself, or delete because it doesn’t meet the requirements I’ve set.

Another thing that has me drawing this conclusion is the ways in which people respond in the comment sections of the posts they read.

On Monday, and again yesterday, I put out an information post on Campbell and his current condition. I wrote in very specific detail concerning what is wrong with him and I cannot count the comments that have come to me in which people have written, “Oh poor Campbell, I hope he gets better soon.”

It’s maddening. I know they mean well, but the reality of this situation is that Campbell is not going to get better.

We may, if we’re extremely lucky get a very short reprieve. But, within a very short time, no matter what is done Campbell will succumb to this illness. There is no way around it.

But, it’s not just my followers that do these things.

Just today, I read a post from someone who wrote quite plainly about their being in hospital and lo and behold even though the person wrote in a detailed manner, some of the comments I read have me shaking my head in wonder.

What do I think is causing this horrid phenomenon?

I think it is a combination of Texting, Memes, Info Graphics, and too blasted much stimulation and a serious lack of awareness.

This constant infernal need for instant gratification has made it so that if someone can’t look at a picture, read a two to four lined meme with a cute cartoon, or some wordless graphic, they have not one blessed clue how to manage.

I know for sure now that I am getting old. I long for the days when our children were encouraged to read books, and adults were seen carrying paperbacks in their back pockets with regularity.

I sometimes wish the Smartphone had never been invented, and I’ve come to loath instant messaging.

I imagine there will be some who will barely skim this message and will without doubt not have one flipping clue what I’m on about.

People turn off all the damned noise and teach your brain to think about what it is seeing.

Until next time this is Patty who is fed up with today’s society, and King Campbell who says he mightily agrees.

May Harmony find you and blessid be.

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