Read Carefully, and think before you act. ___ Cursed

Read Carefully, and think before you act. ___ Cursed

There have been times in my life where I’ve directly wondered if I’d been cursed by another witch. When bad luck seems to follow you everywhere, or you feel unreasonably down over nothing, or shit …

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First let me say that of late I’ve wondered more than once if I’ve not been the direct recipient of a curse. Second, if so I can just almost be 99 percent sure of from whom it came, and can freely admit that I did things to bring it on. Now, I’ve been praying for quite a while now to have good clear information about how to absolutely determine if what I believe is actually so, and if so what to do about it. This information here, is quite helpful. It is clear good, and to the point.
I do not believe in having another cast my magic for me. I do however believe in having sisters, and brothers of the Craft (Is it spelled with a C?) to cast with me. I am ever grateful for GrannyMoon and her supportive information. Her friendship is valuable to me in ways I don’t have words for. What she says about not starting classes and the like until you’re completely ready to do so is very true, and what she writes or provides in her blogs I stand by 100 percent.

I am still quite new to all I am learning here. I am working hard each and everyday to undo some of the damage I have done magically sense first becoming a witch. I have accepted who and what I am and am very glad to be so. Finding my true path has been a long struggle, and knowing for sure that there is a female side to God, and that it is perfectly OK for me to live and believe as such is a wondrous gift.

I began this path shortly before my going to get my Campbell. I hid it for a while. Then I fell into a very angry period and misdirected some very strong magic. Not knowing all I knew about what I was doing, I sat forth things during Hurricane Sandy that I have yet to figure out how to undo, and it is possible that that very act is where what I deal with write here now comes from.

I am not writing all this to take away from what has been written here. I am writing to explain to those who would like to know…those who have asked…why I am as I am, and why I have chosen this path.

It is natural to me. It feels comfortable. As if I have just been waiting to be born, and now I wish to go from being a solitary witch to one who belongs somewhere. So I am seeking local magical people.

I live in Kingsport TN and am very easy to find.

Some have said I should not make this request publically. I say Pish Posh to that! I believe that I am protected, and am going to find people with whom I can safely gather and worship.

I am not adversed to moving into a new area, and if I cannot soon find a place to belong within the community in which I live, I plan to ask Goddess to assist me with broadening my search.

I thank you all who are reading, and very much wish for your feedback.

For now I leave you to read this most awesome information and bid you Blessid Be.

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