Rapid cycling! Part two: dictated situational

Rapid cycling! Part two: dictated situational

Hi Campbells world visitors! I am back this evening to tell you a story of how situations changing rapidly, can affect a person who is in a rapid cycling episode. This morning I told you about how rapid cycling episodes can keep people apart. Cause you to become isolated at Cetra. Tonight I am going to share with you a story of a mix and mingle. One I had no prior warning of, and while a bit unprepared I thought I did real well at the handling of it. So, I will tell you and let you see what you think. I’m going to take my time with this. And make certain that I tell it as accurately as I can remember, and as well as I perceived it. Remember, those of you who have read my book Campbell’s rambles, know that I believe everybody perceives things a bit differently. So, I am not going to lie, I will not sugarcoat, but my thoughts and feelings about things may not be the same as everybody. I have had a great day, but when I wrote to you earlier I was feeling despond it, disillusioned, and very disappointed with my life. My situation changed rapidly, and because I took a chance, I had a fairly decent day. I experienced a few moments of sadness, and a few moments of anxiety. For the most part however, I had a great day. I would like to thank my nephew and his family, and my sister Mary as well as the Waycaster family for including me and allowing me to enjoy this day. I had nothing to give you. I do have a wonderful book for the girls. However, this writing, is my gift to all of you. I’m going to tell the story of the day, and even though I am in the midst of a rapid cycling bipolar many episode, I was able to enjoy and not one but two family functions, and even though at times it was a bit stressful, and sad, for the most part it was wonderful, and I’m grateful. So I hope you will read and know that it is written with my love, and from my heart. I also hope that it will help you to come to understand me even a bit better. I’m going to be 49 years old next month, and I feel like I just don’t have time to play around anymore with the sugarcoating, half truths, and plain out bullshit. So, here we are, let me speak on it…

As those of you know, who read me regularly, my daughter and I have not spoken to one another, or seen each other, and quite some time, until the sudden death of my nephew Ricky. Then, we were tossed together in the middle of tragedy and although we did not speak to one another, she did allow me to hold her youngest. Of course, I was upset, due to the circumstances unprepared, and had been crying when they handed me the child, she did not have any clue who I was, so, she said, in her best baby language, “excuse me! I would like my mommy! NOW!” And, who could blame her? Not I certainly not. Poor kid, she had never seen me before, they gave her to my sister Joanne to bring to me. Poor kid I wouldn’t have done it. So I say thank you to poly for that. That was not a easy and let me tell you all. I don’t ever want to go through that again. So, that is the reason for my writing. I have two unresolved issues that I feel need to be dealt with immediately if not sooner and I have decided this day is the day to bring them out! So, here we go!

This morning I woke rather early. I read, I ate, I played with Campbell. Normal morning routine. I took a long Hot soak in the tub, and did some relaxation technique while there. Afterword I took a long nap. Got up, took my time, waking brushed my hair and went outside to enjoy the afternoon. After walking Campbell in the yard for a while, we settled on the front porch with a cup of coffee for me, and back scratching for Campbell. As far as I was aware, I was not needed anywhere until three that afternoon when my sister Mary would pick me up to go to my father and Kay lee’s birthday. When I saw my nephew Aaron he asked if I wanted to go with them to a party for a friend of theirs daughter, and Kaylee’s birthday party. I told him I did not know about it, and after we sorted out transportation, we all headed out for the afternoon. There was a bit of confusion in the last-minute addition of me, but once it was all dealt with things settled out and it was a good afternoon. There were lots of people there. Lots and lots of kids! There was even a cat, for Campbell to talk to, and believe me he did. He did not get up, or misbehave, he just let it be known, by whimpering and whining, that he wanted to play with the kitty. Innocent🐶)🐱
I really did not interact with Polly, or the kids at that party.
In a situation such as that one, it is easy for people to avoid each other. Plenty of distraction, and no need to be uncomfortable. Afterword, we went home for a little while. Had a break in between that party and the next one. Since I was with Aron, and the rest of the crew my sister Mary had gone on home to prepare for the night. Soon, it was time, to head on over. I was not sure who would be there, but I had decided I simply would no longer worry about it. We are family, we are going to run into one another. I wish we could get to a point where we could talk, but this evening at my sisters home, we had a nice dinner for Kaylee, and my dad. The kids played, and I even spent a few moments with the older grandkids on the porch. Everyone was coming and going, and I simply sat there on the porch to enjoy some cool air and let Campbell have some time out from under the table and they were there. No, seeking them out, no causing an issue. I was proud of everyone, and I am grateful for what I have had. I am a Long way, from where I was last year, and I am proud of that. I am feeling very good to night. I am going to try, to Channel the excited, nervous, anxious Energy I feel from this day, into something productive. I want to use this as a motivational tool for myself so that I know my experiences will only get better with time. I know, this situation, might not present at self again for some time. I know, not all of this is going to go easily, and that I have much work to do. My goal is to use this waive of positive energy filled with anxiety I may be, to keep up my spirits so that I may continue forward and find more of my success. Success with mending hearts, and hurts.

I know now the nervous, anxious, sad, and glad feelings on may experience, should I run into my trainer before he and I have had a chance to speak about past matters. I would rather not go through those feelings again. I say to all of you. If you have unresolved issues with friends, or loved ones make an effort to set things right. It matters not, where you think the blame lies. If you are honest, it is equally distributed.

Keep these things in mind as we celebrate the changing of the season, and the Celtic new year about how you can put an end to all the strife, and negativity between you and another in your life.
Remember, if it won’t matter in 10 years, it is not worth arguing over. Most things will not matter in 10 years. I have short-term memory loss, I promise you it won’t.

Until next time, this is Patty and Campbell saying to you, May harmony find you! Blessid be!



  1. To my sister, Joan Norris sorry dictation misspelled your name. It writes like I talk. It’s just going to have to adapt. 🙂

    1. Patty, no worries! Lol After all of these years it didn’t bother me anymore! I am usually called like my name is spelled Joan, not Joanne anyway! So it’s all goodyear it actually spelled my name the way it’s suppose to sound! I love this posting you just wrote! Nice to read about!

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