Rantings from the Campbell Kingdom part three dictated

Rantings from the Campbell Kingdom part three dictated

Good morning from the Campbell kingdom! We are back, we want to tell you what has been going on here of late. Things it would turn out are not quite as we thought they were. Unfortunately, our roommate and her two Leggitt pups have moved on, and it does not look like we will remain friendly for now as we had hoped. However, I am all about giving second chances, and so should she earned it I will be happy to try that once again however I do not think that I will ever allow anyone to live with us again. I think, unless I am in a dating relationship with someone, and we decide to move in together, King Campbell and I will simply make it on our own. I have learned, that sometimes people are not truthful or trustworthy. I have learned that they will say one thing while doing another when they Think you are not looking, or knowing. I have learned, that people believe blind people don’t know what is going on around them. I have learned that they Will if allowed take advantage of that. I have tried several times with several people and it simply does not work to allow people too Close, into your life. So, from this point forward I will be keeping people at a safe distance. This is not to say that I do not have some good friends, because I do. It is simply me saying that my home is my sanctuary it is my safe zone and that from now on, when I walk through the door and close it behind me I want to leave the world out and have my own life with in. I am set in my ways, I do as I do, and maybe part of the problem is me. However, when people tell you one thing and you observe them doing another you cannot ignore what is. If you do, you put your own self at risk. So, I am going to trust in God and Goddess to see to my needs. I am going to have the faith that a job that will be provided for me so that I may take care of my financial responsibilities, my food, and other needs. As the Bible says, see the lilies of the field they do not toil nor do they spin. So shall this be for me. I am going to claim the following, on this day, I do decree, a writing job will come to me! I am going to trust God and Goddess above to give me work doing what I love. No more will I worry, no more will I stress. Because I know, for me, God and Goddess know what is best. I send this forward, and know that it is true. And I thank you god and goddess and I praise you!

Today, king Campbell and I will be visiting one of our local elementary schools. The children who need assistance with learning to read better will read it to King Campbell and this will help them to increase their ability while learning something about service dogs. It is our finest wish that soon, more schools will allow us to do this as well. We also hope that soon, we will be able to organize an event which will raise both awareness about people with disabilities and service animal rights as well as funding for an organization we hold near to our hearts.

King Campbell and I invite you to come along with us and see what it is we see. We encourage you to share our blog with your friends and to help us put no discrimination once and for all to an end. We also hope to continue to help you understand how people like us live and what it is we need to be able to do so in a more effective way.

We continue to thank you for visiting our blog and we hope you come again.

For now this is King Campbell and Patty saying, may Harmony find you and Blessid be!

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