Rantings! From the Campbell Kingdom part six dictated: good news Sunday and more

Rantings! From the Campbell Kingdom part six dictated: good news Sunday and more

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My good news Sunday for this week is I made it through some very difficult times, had the courage to speak out and say I needed alone time, and was not afraid to enforce it when I needed to. Guess what? No one died! I did not lose any friends! I continue to live, breeze, exist! Maybe I exaggerated the importance just a little, but my point is this at one time I would not have done that and I would’ve become sick and unhappy. Would have become out of control, and most likely would have offended someone in some way, and maybe even might have lost another friend. This, did not happen because I had the courage to speak up and say what I need it. I had the courage to stand my ground play my boundaries and do what needed doing for me. I feel good this morning as a result of it. I plan to work on my healthy balance between taking care of just myself and my dog and being around others as well. I want to be able to hang out with my friend, and make it so that she and I can take Campbell and go places and have fun. I want to hang out at Friendship Connection at least one day a week. I want to do more writing, and find a way to get paid for it. I want to sell more books. I also want to find someone willing to work on my computer. I believe it it simply needs a virus removed and a restore. I am going to manifesting things one by one until all are done.

I am going to work on contacting as many newsletter subscribers as I possibly can. I’m going to try, to let everyone know that I will be putting my newsletter on my blog until further notice. I will not be able to email it out to everyone, but I will make it available. I will also see that the link is shared on all social media.

I plan to place my newsletter advertisements on my Campbell’s Rambles Page today. I invite you to advertise your product, or services there as well. You might also right of them in the comment section to this post. I welcome your responses. I encourage you to invite you and ask you kindly, share this link with others.

Thank you for reading me, following me, liking me, and re-blogging me.

There are many things I want to be successful with. I want to sell books. I want to publish more. I want to pay those I O for services concerning the publishing of my first book, and the beginning of my newsletter. Once that is done I can continue forward with a clean slate. Because the rest of what is left from days gone bye is going to have to heal it self I have sent forth my request and I wait for them to be answered.

I am proud of the fact that I have been able to take control of my emotions, to give myself a break. To do what needed doing to make certain I was OK. I am proud of myself for taking care of me. Now, I can return to my normal activities and feel happy and comfortable doing so. I also have learned some new skill and I plan to use it to improve my life.

Also, I will be seeing a doctor soon, to determine if I have any new Health issues needing dealt with. If I am given the all clear, I plan to begin again to donate my plasma. I, however well to begin with, use the door to door transportation to make certain that I am OK after the donation process before going out and about. If anyone wants to hang out after I can either do it after I have made certain that I am feeling OK or we can hang out the next day. I have decided that this is not something I will negotiate it is best for me and Campbell. I have seen what not speaking up can do to a person. I am living proof of that disaster. I have a loss of friends and family because of it. I will not allow this in my life again. So I am stating what I need and I am following through to make certain I get it.

Throughout all of the recent happenings Campbell and I have once again increased our bond. I swear! I did not know it was possible to continue to grow and grow and grow together! This never ends. I do not believe that Campbell and I will ever stop growing together. Even when he is no longer physically on this earth, he and I will continue to be connected. It is an amazing thing and I will never have adequate words to truly describe it.

Every trip the two of us take together, whether it is to walk around the yard so he can park or to walk 6 miles together we are happy. Not that we have truly ever walked 6 miles in one day, maybe a week but probably not in one day. I, bet we could work up to 6 miles in one day if we wanted to. I have learned that when Campbell and I decide we want to make something happen we do it. I forgot that for a little while, and now I am reminded. So, starting right now, I am going to make everything I want happen.

What have I learned? Well, I have learned that anything is possible. I have learned that from time to time I need to take a step back and regroup. I have learned that I need both private and social time. And that sometimes I need a bit more private than social. I have learned it is OK to say what I need. I have learned it is OK to do for just me. I have learned that honesty is always best no matter what. I have learned that we all say things in our own way but I have also learned that we can all be more objective if we try.

I am starting right now knowing that I might slip up again but knowing that each time I have an experience I can learn from it and grow. May God be with all of you keep you safe and mate you truly be blessed this day.

I wish you long days, and pleasant nights, upon the earth.

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