Rantings! From the Campbell kingdom part eight: sufficient son dictated

Rantings! From the Campbell kingdom part eight: sufficient son dictated

Welcome back! Campbells world visitors! Here we are, 230 in the afternoon September 26, 2016. Son, shining bright and beautiful hot in the afternoon Scott! Clouds coming behind it on the horizon storm lightning is about to ride. Here I stand here I stand on command here I stand! Knows, sending the air. The wind is up I can smell it everywhere. I listen my ears flap free! I shake my head I rollover no one pays attention I listen I am the dog guide. I am leading. Ever watchful. Always on guard. Watching for the car monsters, for the hands, for the arms, or the all knowing. Watching for those who are not watching. Loving, guiding, talking, are you listening? I am talking. I am talking. Did I mention talking? I am guiding, I am guiding. I am guiding! Did I, mention guiding? I love you you love me we are one we are we!

Always together you and me.
Creed of Campbell and Patty!

Round the house we go! The way we know. Then we go down the street. Catch the bus, our friends to meet. Say hi, how you doing? As we go. Not more than a brief exchange, not much about anyone do we know. Off the bus, into the store, away away we go!

How wonderful that is! The average person, could never know!

Bag of sugar a dinner to a bottle of wine I would share with you.
Just three items count them, one, two, three. That’s all we need Campbell and me!:-)! Love together we are. Happy together we are. Always together we are. We are one! We are we! Happy together! Our way!

On the porch in the late afternoon. Gone are the days of the big June-Boom! Summer over fall is here. Soon, Snow of winter it will be here. Still together we will be. King Campbell and me.

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