Rantings! From the Campbell kingdom part 13?? Dictated

Rantings! From the Campbell kingdom part 13?? Dictated

Good morning! Campbells world visitors! As you can see from my post title I’ve lost count. So, before I go check myself, I want to see who is paying attention someone write me in the comment section please? Correct me if I’m incorrect on my numbers. Or, please? If you would, let me know of my correctness. Either way, sound off! It is Monday! (Moon day!) it is a day of emotion. Of course it would be. The moon is cyclic. Up down all around. Light, dark Half and whole. So, what would you expect?

Since this is so, sound off! Let me hear from you. If I can rant! Why, so can you! What gets stuck in your crawl? What gets under your skin? What makes you happy? What works for you? What doesn’t? It’s your world too. Campbell and I want to hear from you.

What am I up to? Blogging of course or else you wouldn’t be reading this.๐Ÿ˜
I have been reading email. Drinking coffee. Bed Campbell, walked him. Now, he is snoring in my chair.
To me, this is one of my most favorite times of day. How The morning goes for me, that determines the rest of the day. Why is that? You asked. Because if I have a calm relaxing routine oriented morning, my mind is ready to handle what comes next. I suffer from bipolar, and one of the problems that creates for me, is racing thoughts syndrome. If I encounter too much stimulation too early in the day, I am bound to have an issue later on. This is because it to much stimulation puts my mind on fast-forward and skip. If I start my day relaxing, taking in small bits of information at a time, or feeling my need to communicate, and basically waking up slowly, I am for sure to have a better day.

This caused me some trouble when I was in guide dog training. First off my trainer did not like it and that I got up at 3:30, or 4 AM most days. It was not uncommon to find me in the downstairs lounge just down the hall from my room making coffee at 4 AM most days.

This pose a problem for me, because my bad luck would have it that bruise room was just on the other side of that wall. Where the coffee and all of The thing that went with it sat.๐Ÿ˜’
I finally just got over it, and asked for permission to leave Campbell in his crate. It was difficult, at first for me to get coffee etc. and have Campbell connected to me. I also worried, that the stimulation of his walking around would call him to need to go outside. The doors were coded with alarm so I could not freely take him to the bathroom when he asked. It would have required me waking someone I was not about to do that at 4 AM. So, Drew and I discussed it and I was able to leave him in his crate while I went for coffee in the morning. Unlike some stories I have been told where people simply went and did things without asking, I always talked with him about what I wanted to do. I will not go so far as to say I did not bend if you rules. Campbell found himself snuggled on my bed a couple of times. One time I got caught doing this, and although that is a story for another day it was funny.

My point is this, if I do for myself what I need to do and make sure my needs are met as a person with multiple disabilities nine out of 10 times I can accomplish anything any of you reading this can-do. Is it as easy as some things for you R? No, but I would be willing to bet a donut against a dog biscuit there are some things I can do better than you. I would also be willing to bet a paycheck against one of yours that I can navigate in the dark 100% better than any person with psyched can, who is reading this now.
Someone once told me I should not be proud of that. Let me just tell you, any skill you have that someone else does not is a good skill and someday there will be a use for it. When the EMP finally hits, call me. I will get you around town.

In the meantime all of this silly rambling aside, everybody have a great day. I am planning to go out, pay bills, pick up groceries, and even have a bite of breakfast. I am going to stop and say hi to a friend, and I bet when the day is done, and things come to an end, I will sit right here, and blog again. Have a good one everybody!

๐Ÿค— ๐Ÿถโ˜ฎ๏ธ๐Ÿ’ž

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