Rantings from the Campbell kingdom!: Dictated part two

Rantings from the Campbell kingdom!: Dictated part two

Today is Thursday, September 15, 2016. The Moon is full, and we are to have a lunar eclipse. There are many things going on here in the Campbell kingdom. First off, my roommate and her two Leggitt pups will be moving on. I have extreme mixed emotions concerning this. On one hand, I will of course be glad to have my home back. On the other, I worry for them. I had hoped, to give her a bit more time to get on her feet. That, is not to be. To allow her more time, would mean putting her on our lease. She would be required to commit to a year, and she does not want this and I don’t think I do either. Happy news! We part on good terms, and remain friends. I even plan to have her do some work for me a couple times a month. This is good for both of us. She has not yet had a chance, to comment on any of this, I am hopeful she will soon. It is very important to me, to know what she thinks however it might be out of her comfort zone to do so. I accept that. Even though it was her idea to write this, she may have simply wanted me to write it. I do not know. What I know is this. What Campbell Road of that was worrisome to him, was red, understood, and dealt with. It was treated respect fully, taken seriously, and dealt with with great care. What does that tell me? That what I have always believed about Victoria, is true. She is a kind, caring, loving, and respectful person. She has great potential, and I believe is now, walking down the correct path. So, I give this a huge five ***** why? Because it is deserved. Nothing on earth or beyond is more important to me than Campbell, so when he is respected and taken seriously I am happy! I say thank you! Thank you and thank you! May you truly be blessed for your effort!

King Campbell is here! And he has something to say! Thank you we ones you have done so good and Kim Campbell is way lots proud of you! You are special two legged pups and you have awesome! Powers! I love you much, and more! In my 💓 I will hold you forever more. Away, you cannot stay! You must come and visit and we must play and play! You must run, and tug, and chew and chew! I must give kisses to you! You can always share your secrets with me, I will listen to you and keep them safe! You’re always welcome in my kingdom! This is so! Many of many cups, come and go! I what this time to be different. I want to see you grow. So, please? Make fur sure to let me know where you go.

Patty back again to say right now this is the end. We await to hear from our friend.
Until next time may harmony find you and Blessid may you be!

And Campbell back! Wishing you A HOWLWLWLWLING GREAT DAY!


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