Rantings, from the Campbell kingdom dictated by Patty and king Campbell we hope you enjoy our story

Rantings, from the Campbell kingdom dictated by Patty and king Campbell we hope you enjoy our story

Hello! Campbells world visitors!πŸ™‚πŸΆ
Today is Saturday (Saturns day) September 10, 2016 it is near sundown in the Campbell kingdom and Campbell and I are enjoying a quiet evening at home. I never realized, what a hermit I have truly become. Seems like for years and years I longed for company. Wanted very badly to be around people and stayed depressed much of the time. Now, while I truly enjoy being around folks I also really enjoy being by myself. At first I thought this was because I had gotten Campbell and was so occupied with learning all about him that I simply had room for nothing else. I suppose, to an extent, this would be correct. After a while and the publishing of my first book I, thought it might be because I had found a love for writing. As with the first idea, so was this correct. I then thought it might be because I had burned out from working too much, for too many years. And as with the first two ideas this too was correct. πŸ€”
I have to laugh when I read this and think about it. Because all of the above is true. What it really adds up to is, I discovered myself. When I got trapped out in the apartment I lived in before Campbell’s rambles was written I became depressed because I had no life. No stimulation nothing. When I first moved there I had a good paying job. My daughter poly was just turning 10 years old and I could afford the County transportation and even an occasional cab. Then, quite suddenly and without warning I lost my job. The insurance company for which I worked experienced some serious issues and they needed to do an immediate downside as a result. I was quite unprepared for it, unfortunately having never made that type of money before and having no real firm financial teaching I simply did not know how to save any and so was left in quite a mess when this oak heard.
Fortunately I was able to establish my disability in full once again, and after a short space of no work was able to return to volunteer blind industries where I worked for the next few years. During which time my mother passed away my daughter became very rebellious I was suffering from bipolar, which was not being treated properly. Basically, I was screwed up! Things deteriorated over those years, and somehow I went from a reasonably independent and reasonably attractive woman to an overweight lonely depressed 30 something, with no clue as to who, or what, she was.

Then, I met Donnie, soon after I moved, and after a time began to regain my independence. If you’ve read my book, you, no quite a bit of that story. If you are a reader of my blog, you are pretty caught up on how I got to where I am today.

Now, as I sit here in the quiet of the evening after a very trying week I am coming to the realization of at least part of why I am as I am.
Between the isolation I experienced for nearly 9 years after my returning to volunteer a blind industries and working there on again off again. Dealing with issues concerning my family. As well as not having correct treatment for my mental ill messs I began to regress deeper with in my life of going to work each day and eight sheltered environment. To return home in the evening, to my dog rowdy, and Celine Kitty.

After a while, my only stimulation was what I could pick up from radio, and TV. Somehow, I even stopped reading for a while. When I went to volunteer blind industries I met Miss Phyllis, who is named in my book as well, and she and I would talk in the morning’s and evenings before and after work but what did we talk about? Work, and what was on the radio or TV. I don’t think I have to say much more, to help you understand, they condition I was in. You cannot imagine the relief I felt as I begin to rebuild my life. Now, see where I am. I have an iPhone in my hand. Something I never believed I would learn to use, let alone own. Before that, I learned the computer and you can’t imagine what a window that opened so you see, I am fascinated. I want to learn, and learn, and learn.
Going to get Campbell, truly fueled that in a huge way. As I sit and put these things together, I am even beginning to understand how I became so unfortunately fixated on Drew Gibbon.πŸ˜‰

I guess, I simply find it easier, to sit and dictate a blog post, talk on Facebook, or play a game then be in a crowd of people, or just simply don’t somehow feel comfortable in. I like the quiet, I like to read, I like to think. I don’t even really know what it is I am trying to say but somehow when I am just here in a moment like this with the sound of my nephew and his friends on their motorcycles outside, Campbell snoring softly beside me, I feel comfortable and content.
I love it, and I feel guilty for it in the same moment. Why? Because all those years all I did was whine, and complain, to anyone who would listen how badly I wanted people around me, company etc. etc.! πŸ€”
Here I am on one hand enjoying having people close by, and on the other craving alone time so I can study, right, and just be me.
As a bipolar, finding a happy middle, seems impossible. I am damn sure going to try. I thought at first I was doing pretty good. And I made some drastic changes in my life, and while it hasn’t all been bad, there have been a few things, that have been damned difficult for me!

Before I go further, let me say, I am going to mean no offense. My new housemate and I were discussing the other day that we should write a reality blog post concerning what it is like to live together. When we were laughing about it, I thought maybe. Then, I dismissed it. Until tonight, when I was suddenly inspired. So, I am going to give it a shot. My goal, is to write a post, and have her, my roommate that is, answer in the comments section with her thoughts. I think this might be interesting. I don’t even know if this makes sense, because I have not gone back yet and proofread except for one time. So, let me stop and do that. Then, we will see what is next.

Campbell and I invite you to, come along, and see what we can see! Teen Campbell and me, in the chaotic Campbell kingdom.

King Campbell here! I just have to tell you humans a few things. First off, this ain’t no walk in the park for me. One minute it’s just me and mommy The kitties are all gone to that place called the rainbow bridge, then all of a sudden mommy lets a lady, Who is most of the time pretty cool, and her two legged pups who are at times really really rowdy!! Move in, and it has been a lot for me to learn about. The worst part? I am not allowed to chew off the heads of Barbie dolls, I cannot steal food, and I am expected to not wag my tail and bang it on everything when I get up in the morning and we have been doing that for a long time, mommy and me. We always called it, the Wigga Woo! BANG BANG! So it is not just you humans, who are learning to get along with one another. Just so you know!

I am real sure, it is hard for Miss Victoria too. I know it is hard for the little ones. I’m trying to be good, and patient. I do! Not! Like a lot of yelling. Even when it is happy, a little goes a long way. We doggies have sensitive ears. I am not a young puppy anymore, next year I will be a senior citizen dog! 🐢⏳
So, I don’t mind you playing, I love it when we play. Especially when we play CHEWY MAN!!!!
I do not mind when you and your sissy play. Just, let us try and remember, we do not sit on doggy! We do not jump on doggy!!!!! And when we can, and, because cooler weather is coming, and soon winter will be here, let us learn to use our outside voices outside and our inside voices in. This Way, we will always fit in. It is OK to be loud and silly sometimes, whether you are outside or in. We, just have to learn where, and when.

Most of the time it’s pretty OK. We know that forever they will not stay, and so mommy and I will go back to the old way. For now we are all learning something new, and in life that is what we are supposed to do.

Until next time, have a HOWLWLWLING!!!! GREAT DAY!!

Hi! Patty back again. If you Campbell’s world visitors have read this far thank you Way lots! There are a few mistakes here and there. I am going to leave them. If this is to be reality, then reality it shall be. We love you, Blessid be!

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