Random Rantings: Midmorning

Random Rantings: Midmorning

As morning takes hold here in the Campbell Kingdom, Campbell and I are enjoying some slow mo moments. He is lounging on the loveseat snoring and snuffing the morning away. I have been enjoying slowly catching up on all my social media, and taking a break from main stream news. Other than what I get from Email or Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus, I am blissfully ignorant…. And damn glad of it. This whole thing really had me riled up for a while. If you’ve read my Facebook stuff over the last week or so you know I’ve been on the edge about quite a few things. Not gonna apologize anymore for all that. I have come to realize that I am as I am I liken myself to a volcano. Sometimes I’m just gonna vent a bit of steam ash, and suffer. I might even spout a bit of fire, but then I’ll settle down, and when the lava hardens, there will be another beautiful land mass island, or plane to enjoy. Everyone’s gotta be something. That’s me.

I am the tears, the sun. I am the rain when day is done. I am the wind that can fly you far, or ppull you down, and I am the earth to help you stand your ground…

I have been enjoying reading a book series called: the Cold Fire Trilogy.
1. Black Sun Rising
2. When True Night Falls
3. Crown of Shadows

Never before have I read such a Science Fiction Fantasy book in my life. There is everything…
*Faith Lessons

I have examined myself in every way possible. Given new thought to some things I thought I never would visit again. Given voice to one or two I never believed I would, and realized the truth about myself and a few situations I am dealing with at this time in my life. There are some who believe I put too much thought into the books I read, but I find this type of writing fascinating. I know of the powers they speak of. Even though they’re named differently it is what it is. The Fae is the energy, what some call God, Goddess, and fifty-thousand things… When it talks about working the Fae it is saying no more than what we do when we pray, cast, etc.
It’s all the same no matter what you call it…

You have a priest who believes in a religion much like our Christianity. There are different types, just as with us, but they all know that the Fae can be molded to our will by our belief thought etc. Just as we believe that enough people praying for and with a person for healing from a sickness can make them well and just as we believe that if we all spend 30 minutes a day in peaceful thought and meditation we can raise the positivity of the world. LOA Law of Attraction. Nothing more or less. It’s all the same…

Those are the words I kept repeating through page after page, and chapter after chapter.

I also learned about faith itself, and what was truly required to have such.

The thing that has struck me the hardest and in a most life changing way thus far has been the relationship that this priest has with our enemy (The Hunter) What Christians would have known of as Lucifer. He began as a prophet and he fell and became something unlike any evil ever known, but when he and the priest began to work together to reach a common goal, the priest began to question things, and he began to realize that everything was not black and white. He began to realize that everything has its place, use, and reason. He also began to realize that Evil did not exist but that man’s use of the power which is the same to all was what defined it good evil etc.

I never before gave the thought I have during the reading of this book to Salvation as the Christians teach it and as my own perception of that is as I have while reading. At one point we realize that the priest has decided that even this lost dark soul is redeemable. What takes place between he and the Hunter is amazing, beautiful, and belief shattering in ways like nothing before I have seen.

I encourage all of you to check it out… I am reading it though the National Library Services For the Blind and Physically Handicap digital download and Iphone App services.

As I have been reading I have been tending to tasks like dishes, laundry, and other menial tasks round the house.

I am getting ready for the Super Full Moon on the 14 of November. This will be one of the most powerful Super Moons that we have seen in quite some time, and we are in many ways already seeing the affects of the pull of it on the world around us. Although many do not realize it even the US Presidential election was affected by this Moon*S powers and the result of the after math is definitely a sign of its power, and people not knowing what to do with the intensity of it. With the rise in powers from the Zodiac sign of Torus people are allowing their differences anger, and frustration to be whipped into a frenzy. We are who more able to handle such power as is beginning to rise must work doublet hard to remain calm and to not give into the harshness that is felt all around. I myself nearly allowed myself to be this way for a time, and I have to tell you campbellsworld Visitors it was hard to gain control of…

Now I want very much to grasp that power harness it, and utilize it for the highest good it can bring me. I am as we finish up and go Full drawing into being the intentions I sat forth on the new Moon, and I am more than a bit AWWED at the results thus far. It’s one thing to say, and know you believe in the powers that are all around you, and to believe and know that they can be controlled. It is quite another when one realizes that they truly are mastering the ability to do such. I am finding it wondrous, terrifying, beautiful, and terrible all in one feeling of emotion.

I wouldn’t trade one moment of it for any other experience, and I am know that this time when the Moon comes into her fullness and AWESOME! POWER I am going to have the very desires of my heart.

As the Moon begins to wane after the filling has taken place we will want to begin letting go of any blocks that will hinder our success, and so on the full Moon we will all want to set aside time to decide what you need to let go in your life. Not the life that involves everyone else around, but you, your personal needs, wants, desires, and beliefs. The things that enable you to do all the rest of what you do. That which makes it possible for you to obtain the things you desire. It may surprise you what begins to seriously disappear as you walk into the future immediately ahead of you. Don’t struggle against the current. Stop the madness. Take a breath and think about what it is you seriously want for your life. Ask yourself if you are doing all you can in every aspect of your life to make that so. For me, when I asked, the answer was a big FAT NO!
Honestly and for sure. Not going to lie, so I have work to do.

I hope everyone will join me starting on the 13 and going through the 15 of November in raising energy of both success and separation according to the writing above…

As I finish this morning, and go into the afternoon I ask Mother Father Goddess God to go with me. Give me strength… Strength to endure what I must to acquire the knowledge I desire, and the wisdom I need to use what I learn. I ask for my feet to be placed just exactly on the path I should walk, and into the direction in which I must go.

I, Thank the Goddesses and Gods of the heavens and the hells, and I praise the highest power…

I say to all who are reading, thank you, and Blessid Be.

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