Random Ramblings part 5 – The More You Do the More You Are Able #WordsOfWisdom

Random Ramblings part 5 – The More You Do the More You Are Able #WordsOfWisdom

How are you?

Better than I was, not quite where I want to be.

What can I do to help myself go toward where I want to be?

For each of us, the answer is different. In life, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Those are the most untrue, harsh discriminative words on this planet.

I find them offensive.

Anyhow, to answer the question, for me it means setting and working toward a main goal and setting small obtainable goals to achieve the desired result.

Of late my focus has been on recovering from surgery, allowing my Sweet Prince Edward to pass in my arms rather than alone and before he started suffering. Then, regaining my strength after seeing that through, I worked toward becoming strong enough to bring Blue home.

Bringing the Big, Blue Dog home was quite an adventure. Though I’d felt strong and sure footed after I got Blue’s leash in my hand I was quickly reminded of his power.

I was however, also reminded of his love for me.

When we returned home together, it only took him a few moments to see something wasn’t quite right.

The first wrong thing for Blue was no Eddie. He looked up at the table and I felt his muscles quiver with the effort of not standing on his hind legs for a better look at where his things had been.

The second wrong thing was me. I walked and moved about the house differently. Slower and more careful. Outside though, all the work we’d done before I went to have surgery paid off in a huge way.

He fell right in step with me and when asked, he slowed down more.

He went to relieve without incident and his obedience was spot on.

At the same time, he had a bit of rebellion. Though the first day together was exhausting it was also some of the sweetest time we’ve had since coming home together last summer but when he was sure I wasn’t going anywhere and he’d had time to relax, he had his revenge for my having been gone from him for so long, and before you say dogs don’t do that, let me correct you and state most definitely they certainly do.

The next day, he became a bit defiant. He didn’t want to sit or rest off leash and he was refusing to do anything but pee and only when he was near to bursting would he even do that.

I simply stood my ground with him and for a while, even put him on his leash with me inside, just to make certain he was sure who was truly in charge.

Today, things have been awesome except I wanted to feel I could do a bit more than I was truly able.

This morning, after I’d gone to a couple of ACB community calls and done some email and blogging, I decided I’d carry out the tote I’d been using as a litterbox. For some reason, my caregiver hadn’t thrown it away.

When I’d first brought Prince Edward home, the litterbox he came with was simply too small. Though he used it, he turned it over getting in and out. Seeing this would never do I dumped a large plastic tote sitting in the bottom of my bedroom closet filled with clothes I never wore and filled it full of litter (it holds 10 pounds) and the Prince was overjoyed! He never used anything else, and this was how I knew he was sick before I sent him to boarding and had his tests done while he was there. He’d started using the floor in front of it at times and this was not like him at all.

Anyhow, when I started to pick it up, I saw it hadn’t been emptied. I’d asked the lady who provides caregiver services for me to empty it into a bag and carry it out. It had barely been used before he’d gone and was quite dried out too. It didn’t stink, it was just beyond me to carry out. Well, it must go and so I began scooping it out. I took out part today and will carry a bit more out each day until it is gone.

I must say I am super annoyed. You can rest assured, she and I will discuss this and a couple of other things I found which hadn’t been done that I thought had been completed. This lady is supposed to be assisting me and I don’t ask much of her. I am not a slob. I clean up after myself and even she has commented multiple times that I’m not hard to work with or for, but this annoys me because I thought it had been done.

That along with all the walking we did yesterday while the sun shone, and the spring breezes were sweet and fair I am whipped tonight.

Though I’m tired to a frazzle this evening, I’m not as sore as I thought I’d be.

Tomorrow we’re to take the door-to-door van service to run errands. I have two stops to make. Both are equally important and should’ve been tended to earlier.

I couldn’t get to the places I needed to go so tomorrow’s the day.

I know Blue will be super excited to get out. He loves to work, and I’ll be the first to admit, though I try he doesn’t get enough. It’s hard even with some of the COVID restrictions lifted. For just because you can doesn’t necessarily mean you should. I’m still being cautious about where I go, when and why. But I must drop paperwork off at the Department of Human Services and I must pick up my medication from the pharmacy. The pharmacy is in Food City which is somewhere we’ve not been in some time either.

Primarily over the past couple of months, the majority of Blue’s work has been to guide me into, through and back out of large unfriendly medical buildings. He is getting quite good at that, although Monday, when we went to see the surgeon, Blue somehow got it into his head he needed to follow the lady who got off the elevator in front of us and it was a few moments before I realize what he was doing. He wasn’t just following her either. No! He was tailgating. Literally right behind her.

When I realized what he was doing, I slowed him and speaking so she would know I was talking to her I said, “Mam, I apologize. My dog has been following you. Thus far since we stepped off the elevator you’ve been going the same way my directions said and so I didn’t realize at first what this goof was doing.”

“It’s OK.” She called back over her shoulder. “Where are you all going?”

“We’re going to the surgeon’s associates.”

“Oh, that’s down the other hall.” She said. “Back to your left. Here,” she said, turning back, causing Blue to do a neat U turn in the middle of the hall. “I’ll show you.”

She went back the same way we’d come a few feet, turned left, and walked me to the end of the hall where the office I needed was.

“Thanks so much.” I called back to her as she passed to go back the way she’d been before we interrupted her day. “I appreciate your assistance. Have a great day.”

“You’re welcome. By the way, your dog is very beautiful and quite well behaved. It was a pleasure watching him work, even if he was following me.”

We shared a parting laugh, and she was gone.

When we were ready to leave, I asked if someone could walk back to the elevator with me. I felt I could do OK once back downstairs in the lobby and that turned out to be correct. Once the elevator door opened onto the lobby floor, Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue was on the case. He passed the nice lady and took me to a seat by the door as I’d requested by stating, “OK Blue, find a seat.” This is something I began teaching him to do while we were still in training at The Seeing Eye and other than the few times he has gone to people in chairs, rather than an empty seat, it has come in quite handy.

Most times, I believe Blue is hoping for a pet and though I like to think John and Jane Q Public obey the don’t pet the service animal rule, I’m more than sure both Blue and Campbell before him have received and will continue to receive pets from time to time.

Overall, I must say blue and I are overcoming yet one more obstacle in our road and hopefully this will be the last of things which disrupt or cause us to begin a whole new routine. We both would like to settle in and get down to the business of truly enjoying ourselves together as a team.

My spring and summer goal is to try and create a balance of live and in person activity with Virtual so that I can continue to enjoy the life I built during COVID and the life I know Blue and I can enjoy while getting out and about.

Before I go, I’d like to address one more question which is often asked of me. It is, “How do you do so much on your own without any help?”

The answer is simple. “Because I’ve no other choice.” Well, I suppose that’s not entirely true but choice B is rather unattractive. Either you do what needs doing or else you die.

I must be honest and state that people who must always have someone to pick up the slack annoy me to a degree. Sure, we all need help every once in a while, I do and fortunately though those who have been willing to help have been precious few, I’ve had what help I’ve needed when it was truly needed. But as far as most things go I manage because it’s just what you do.

Tonight, for example, when it was time to take Blue out for his last relief time, he’d have been satisfied with a quick trip out to pee and back but the night is warm and though it’s a bit windy, it’s stopped raining and it was so nice, I chose to push past my tiredness and take him for a walk. We were both the better for it.

My hip and knee started hurting while I was out but I stopped along the way and did the knee bend exercises my physical therapist taught me all those many moons ago to loosen it up and soon I was back on my way with Blue bouncing alongside me happy as one could ever want a dog to be.

Now, we’re back inside, he’s had a short game of ball and is now in bed claiming his space and daring me to get in and move him over.

It’s been two weeks and one day since my Gallbladder removal surgery was done and other than a bit of fatigue and a few sore places, aches and pains, I feel better than I’ve done in some time. So far, I’ve eaten what I wanted, as long as it was small portions. I find I’m drinking more water than ever before because my stomach no longer feels bloated and so even though there have been a few snags and bumps along the way, I’ve no regrets.

The take away I hope you all leave with is this, the more you do, the more you are able.

For now, I leave you to enjoy your evening, as I intend to enjoy mine.

I thank you for reading.

May Harmony find You and Blessid Be.

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Patty L. Fletcher lives in Kingsport Tennessee where she works full time as a Writer with the goal of bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled. She is Also a Social Media Marketing Assistant.

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