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Who could have imagined the changes that last year brought to us all? Like so many, I’ve read more than one book that told a tale of life during a pandemic. Scary stuff to be sure, I never expected that fiction would describe so much of that which became reality.

New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday celebration; the end of a chapter and the start of the next one. It is the time to get over mistakes, mishaps, or misfortune that might have littered the past year, and plan for a positive future, with fresh energy and new goals. On December 31, 2020…

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The making of a legend:

Pictures From The Kitchen Window

How many of us remember our school days, when we dipped our toes into the fascinating world of Greek and Roman myths – and then promptly forgot them when donned our high-heels and stepped out into the real world?

Leda and the Swan

I certainly had until I visited Holland again in 2010. I first visited in the 1960s with my sister, when it was a quiet almost sleepy place (see barbaraspencerauthor.blogspot.com) but this time my granddaughter was with me. And the reason for our visit, to celebrate the publication of the thriller Running. She wanted to see everything; canals, walkways, bridges, trams, the Anne Frank House, the Koekenhoff … everything. Wandering around one of their many museums I was struck by images of Leda and the Swan and on returning to the hotel promptly looked up the legend of Zeus who descended to earth as a swan in order…

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Class Reunion Rodeo #It’s Six-Sentence Story Thursday Link-Up

My Corner

Image contains: Abbie, smiling.

This summer, my high school class of 1980 will hold a combined reunion with the class of 1981 in July to co-inside with the annual Sheridan Wyo Rodeo. I’ve never been a fan of the rodeo, but I liked the parade as a kid. One of the reunion activities will be to attend the rodeo. There’s also an ice breaker, a golf tournament, and a late-night bar crawl during the street dance following the rodeo. The icebreaker sounds good, since it’ll be catered by a local Mexican restaurant, but the bar crawl I could do without. I’m definitely getting old.


Thanks to Girlie on the Edge for inspiring the above with her six-sentence story prompt for this week. If you’d like to participate, click here.


By the way, for those of you who use the National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled, The Red Dress

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2 and 1/2 Hours With My Tech Guy, Caching! Right? #Author’sCorner #BusinessCorner #Tip #What’sUp

2 and ½ Hours With My Tech Guy, Caching! Right?

By: Patty L. Fletcher


Over the last few days, I’ve learned that there were a lot of things I could be doing to help myself edit my own personal work as well as The Writer’s Grapevine Magazine. So, as is always my way, I reached out to Casey Mathews founder of WebFriendlyHelp.com and asked a ton of questions and after a brief back and forth text and a couple of email consultations, it was decided that Casey and I needed a sit-down session to work out not only some kinks in my software and to do a bit of maintenance on my computer but so that I could have a bit of training as well.

We began with Casey remotely connecting to my computer and going through my storage space because I’d been getting a notification from my settings that I needed to clear out my storage because I was running out of space. You wouldn’t believe the problems that having a bunch of temporary files, undeleted emails in the deleted items and piled up sent and important messages as well as drafts sitting around in your computer can cause.

Once that was done, we began checking out my settings in word, and spell check, and before I knew it, I had a whole bunch of editing settings fixed in place so that I can see things like extra spaces between words and sentences, incorrect font, unnecessary indentations, tabs, and all kind of other junk which was causing my editor to slowly lose her mind. 😊

Once all was set, we also downloaded a free version of NVDA for me to use alongside my JFW because of late, JFW is doing some hinky things which are causing me fits and making me want to smash my computer into dust particles.

When finally we’d finished, and he’d disconnected from my computer and gone on his way, I began to experiment with the new things we’d done. Soon I found I had a few questions, and so sent a text to find out how to do a few things I was unsure of. After a bit of back and forth my phone rang and it was Casey saying that he could quickly reconnect to my computer and show me what I needed to know and get a few more things in place so I wouldn’t have to struggle.

When all was said and done, we’d spent 2 and ½ hours and now you’re thinking caching! Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, if Casey charged 70 to 100 dollars per hour like most computer techs do, you’d be right. But Casey has a subscription-based plan which lets you set it and forget it.

For just 1 dollar per day, 30 dollars per month, you can have a computer technician on call.

What are all the services Casey provides? Check out the following information and then sign up so Casey can help you tame that mighty tech beast living in your computer. Sighted or blind, you won’t regret having Casey on your team.

*Author’s Note*

Now that I’ve my word and spell-check settings reconfigured, I’m quite disgusted to see the kinds of mistakes I’ve been making. I think I should possibly send Claire a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolate and a bottle of good wine.

Casey Mathews is the founder of WebFriendlyHelp.com, a company designed to help people get the most out of their technology. He has worked in the Access Technology field since the mid 1990’s. He holds an MCP certification (Microsoft Certified Professional) as well as a BS in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix. He has also received the Florida division of Blind Services Access Technology endorsement. Casey has worked in various Florida Organizations that serve the blindness/low-vision community where he has introduced new software and training/support ideas from Serotek, the NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access) screen reader, and of course apple iDevices. Casey was also instrumental in the founding of a Guide Dogs for the Blind technology chapter in 2011. Casey enjoys testing new technology and software and is highly committed to remaining informed of developments in technology.


The idea behind my personalized access technology solution is that people have different needs and learning styles. Some want to learn as much as possible so they can be ready for anything. If that’s you, great! However, just as important is the next person who may simply want the minimum to get the job done, then call later when something else crops up. We all have different limits, and sometimes less is more. Some learn by example, some learn better by taking a few pointers and trying to figure things out for themselves, and some just want it fixed so they can go on about their day. You may be:

A student who is working on that all-important paper. Do you struggle with research, reading books, or those dreaded citations? Been there, done that!

A business professional whose company has suddenly made changes or updates that are driving you insane. Maybe you’re even more ambitious and want to build a website, or take a website from good to great in class. How does your name in a dot com sound?

A retired lifelong learner or hobbyist who wants technology to just work the way it should. On the other hand, you may need help with online resources to feed your hobby. If only I had a dime for every time I heard, “I had no idea that was available online!”

None of these? Have no fear. I specialize in makin’ your tech life easy, no matter what that entails. I think outside the box and color outside the lines. I will tame your tech for you!

Hand-Tossed VA Services

Do you ever find yourself needing something, but just don’t have the time or expertise to locate it on your own? First off, I’ve been there, and I know exactly how you feel. Second, don’t blame yourself. Google, Bing, or whichever search engine you like, can only take you so far without calling in an expert.

That is where I come in. I’m Casey. You can think of me as your personal virtual assistant. Let me help you bring back those lost hours in your day. As we work together, and I learn your stile, I will give you hand-tossed results that fit your tastes precisely. 🍕


We all need a gift sometimes. Some people hate the idea of getting a gift, simply because it is hard to find that incredible gift that says, “I was thinking of you.” You may not want to get someone a gift certificate, flowers, cookies, or chocolates. Well, maybe you do if those items are over the top and tremendously unique. Need a special toy for your cat, dog, or fire breathing dragon? Say no more. So, let me know what you need and who you need it for. Boss, coworker, spouse, cat or dog, I got ya covered! Give me as much detail as you can, and I’ll get to work. If I need some clarification, I may reach out to you.


Did you lose contact with someone? Are you trying to locate a newly discovered relative you haven’t met yet? A long-lost friend or significant other? I can help. The more info you can give me ahead of time the better—first and last name for starters, along with an email address or phone number if you know it. Let me know if you need just address info, or more detailed stats like marital status, criminal background, or something else. Give me as much as you can, and I’ll start tracking them down for you.


Find yourself needing to crank out three research papers with at least ten references for each one? I feel your pain! Been there, ate the pizza and got the t-shirt. 😉 Do you need to find information on a competitor? If the info you need is in a book, magazine, or journal article, I have access. While I cannot give you the entire book or professional magazine, I can share excerpts from those sources. Let me know how much information you need, and I will start collecting and collating for you! Formatting those documents can also be done for you. Whether it’s APA, MLA, or something else, just write, and let me make your citations and references right.

Are you a Writer?

Do you find yourself with too much to do and not enough time? Maybe you love writing but hate the research. If you need facts or data for your next best seller, I will give it to you in a silver document, if that’s your pleasure. 😉 Need to divide up your paragraphs into chapters? What about a nice table of contents? Just let me know.

Traveling Soon?

Looking to travel for business or pleasure? Looking to find a flight, hotel, or something else away from home? Maybe you want info near your destination such as things to do, nearby places to eat, or something else. I’ll hook you up with ideas and comments from people who have already done it. This way you can take the hassle out of travel!


Need a solar charger that does more than just charge? Overwhelmed by all the computer and smart device options out there? Let me help you find just the right device to meet your needs, deals that fit your budget, and the exact tech configuration that fits your life. I’ll do the hard work so you can relax and enjoy it. Once you get that new computer or device in your home/office, you can give my other service a try and let me tame your tech. I can help you configure your device or access technology, or show you how to use it better. Go to the above link to learn more.


Here I will briefly list some additional examples that might be of interest.

• APIs: If you are a developer, you know what these are. I do not code, but I can find what you need to code faster!

• Web Scraping: Need contacts from an organization or company? I will hunt them down for you.

• WordPress: This is extremely popular with a lot of small businesses. Many of my clients need help with their WordPress website, updating plugins, themes, or just making the site work in a way that it doesn’t now. I will help you make it run the way that works for you and your business.

• Data Import: Need information put into a new database system? You’ll have it up in two wags of a dog’s tale! 🐕‍🦺


Your audio: enhanced, cleaned, and refined to the best quality possible

AT Web Friendly Help, audio editing involves modifying and removing the pieces of the audio recording that you don’t want or need. Whenever you record, you will have dead air or gaps in audio that are too long, coughs, ums, background noises, and so on. These can be removed for you. The result is that recordings will sound much more professional and confident.

Audio Restoration and Enhancement

The following partial list will help show you what you get with the audio subscription service.

• remove gaps, mistakes, unwanted sound, words, or parts

• edit out ums, ahs, silences, stumbles, coughs

• get rid of humming or buzzing noise, background noise (General audio restoration)

• add music to your voice over or any kind of audio

• enhance the sound of your audio file (Including podcast cleanup and enrichment)

• convert audio files to your preferred format

• Create audio files from your videos

Example Audio Projects

• Podcasts

• Audio interviews

• Audio lectures

• Teleseminars

• Radio shows

• Webinars

• Sermon recordings

• Presentations

I hope that brief list gives you a bit more of an idea of what I can do to help you. Let me know what you need when we chat.


Payment can be made via PayPal, or credit/debit card. Payments are made on a subscription basis such as monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Contact Info

Contact me by phone at:  567-234-0078 or email at: Help@WebFriendlyHelp.com

Visit my website: https://webfriendlyhelp.com

Patty L. Fletcher

Self-Published Author and Social Media Promotional Assistant

Email: patty.volunteer1@gmail.com

See my latest book, Pathway to Freedom Broken and Healed: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life Second Edition in eBook and Paperback at:  https://www.amazon.com/Patty-L.-Fletcher/e/B00Q9I7RWG

Find it in various accessible formats:  https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/PattyFletcher

See my Facebook business page:  https://www.facebook.com/tellittotheworld/

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New Features in Jaws, ZT, and Fusion – Helping You Tame Your Access Technology #Tech #Tip @WebFriendlyHelp

New Features in Jaws, ZT, and Fusion – Helping You Tame Your Access Technology
— Read on webfriendlyhelp.com/new-features-in-jaws-zt-and-fusion/

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The Return – Book Corner blog by@ErnestDempsey

I found this book, The Return (Grand Central Publishing, 2020) by Nicholas Sparks, entertaining but not quite emotionally riveting.
— Read on www.bookcorner.us/the-return/

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Soulful Women’s Joyful Journey Interview – Wanda Luthman’s Children’s Books

Hello everyone, Welcome to Wanda Luthman’s Children’s Book Blog, although recently I’m sure it hasn’t felt like a children’s book blog as I have been sharing about my new genre, Christian Fiction, and the developments occuring around that. I apologize for the interruption in regular programming. Thank you for your indulgence. One of the new…
— Read on wandaluthman.wordpress.com/2021/02/22/soulful-womens-joyful-journey-interview/

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Great Little Last-Minute Editing Tips for Writers (2nd Edition) – Book Corner blog by @ErnestDempsey

Great Little Last-Minute Editing Tips for Writers is a resource for writers who want to make sure their manuscript receives a welcome…
— Read on www.bookcorner.us/great-little-last-minute-editing-tips-for-writers-2nd-edition/

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SIPS OF WINE FROM THE GRAPEVINE: New Year New You a Poem by Butterfly Thomas #PoetryPlace #WordPressWednesday

New Year New You

By Butterfly Thomas


New Year new you

I’m here stay true

It’s hard, I know

But you can do it

Your efforts will show

That you’re committed

A long time in the making

This journey has been

Look at the steps you’re taking

This time you’ll win

You will succeed

All you need

Is support from me

And you have it

Matter of fact

I’ll show you whether

We can grow together

I’m here

You’re here too

New Year…

Renewed you

A Note from Butterfly…

I am working on 2 poetry books currently, but this poem hasn’t found a home in either of them.

To learn about my published work, read on…

In My Feelings: A Book of Poetry

by Butterfly Thomas / C 2020 / 117 pages in print

In e-book and print from Amazon, Smashwords, and other online sellers.

Visit the author’s website for full details (cover, buying links, author bio, and more):


About the book:

Love and passion. Conflict and regret. Pride and defiance. Rage at equality denied. Deep compassion for friends and boundless love for one’s children. These are just a few of the subjects touched upon by these 49 brief, powerful poems.

Some will fill you with shared sorrow. Many of them express anger at racial injustice and the exploitation of the disabled. Still others delight the reader with their images of strength and beauty or their clever arrangement of words.

Never pretentious or deliberately opaque, all of them are sure to make you think.

About the author:

Butterfly Thomas was born in Germany but was raised in Virginia, where she still lives.

She is the author of the novel Head Held High (2018), an urban thriller.

Be sure to join Butterfly and others in The Writer’s Grapevine Mag group found at: https://m.facebook.com/groups/434175414555004/

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SIPS OF WINE FROM THE GRAPEVINE: A Winding Road Adventure and Special Announcement by author Marlene Mesot #Author’sCorner #NewsNuggets #WordPressWednesday

A Winding Road Adventure



“Thanks for an interesting evening.” Jim Porter raised a hand as he and his wife Marcia stepped out onto the peterson’s wooden porch on a crisp October Saturday evening.

“Glad to meet you.” Bill Peterson replied as he and his wife Francie stood in the doorway. Then he added, “We’ll have to get together again soon.”

Jim and Marcia nodded as they walked down the wooden steps.

Bill and Francie watch as the other couple got into their electric blue Toyota Prius, then they shut the house door.

“Nice couple.” Jim remarked as he drove slowly down a steep dirt drive. He braked at the bottom and turned left onto a narrow dirt road. It was dark, after nine in the evening, and Jim sighed a little as he knew they had a long twisty trip back to town.

“Seem to be,” Marcia remarked. Then she repeated what she had told him earlier.

“I thought it would be a nice gesture to get to know the new girl at work. You know how boring office work can be.”

“Yeah, I get it.” Jim took his left hand off the steering wheel to scratch his cheek, then quickly gripped the shell with both hands as a sharp curve rolled upon them again. He teased as he swerved with the road, “Getting sea sick yet?”

“That might be funny if this crazy road wasn’t so narrow and treacherous,” Marcia replied.

She sat still in her seat, as still as the swirvy road allowed, right hand gripping the arm rest above the door handle, left hand gripping the knee of her brown slacks. Again she raised her brown eyes to the rear view mirror. She caught a glimpse of the front corner of something behind them as they moved left again. She stared. Waiting. Finally the vehicle straightened out as they had and seemed to be approaching. She took a breath. “Jim.”

“I see it.” Her husband replied. “Looks like it’s gaining on us.”

“What can we do?”

Jim shrugged his shoulders.

Marcia continued in a smaller voice. “There aren’t any street lights out here. It’s dark and…”

Jim interrupted her musings. “See if your cell phone has service.”

Marcia pulled her purse up from the floor and rummaged inside for a moment.

Jim glanced quickly to his right and saw her power on the device.

“No service.” She reported glumly.

Jim muttered. “What the hell is that guy doing?”

A horn began to beep, lights flashed at them, blinking hight, then low, then high, then low.

This time Marcia’s voice went high and shrill. “He’s gaining on us. What do we do?”

Jim blinked his blue eyes rapidly trying to focus in spite of the glare in his rear view mirror. “No place to pull over. That pick up is bigger than we are.”

“What does Bill Peterson drive? Do you know?” Marcia suddenly asked.

“Nope.” Jim replied. “They had a two car garage and we didn’t discuss cars.”

Jim was watching the sides of the narrow dirt road for anywhere to pull off or turn off, but there seemed to be no end to the single minded track. Woods on either side of the road offered no answer to their dilema.

“Oh God!” Marcia cried.

Jim tightened his grip on the steering wheel as a red pickup truck loomed on the left side of his back bumper. Without warning Jim stepped on the brake to suddenly stop their car.

The red truck pulled alongside and stopped too.

All went still on the quiet country road.

Then a man got out of the pickup from the driver’s side and walked around the back of his truck to approach Jim’s side of the little car. A fist knocked on Jim’s window, then it motioned for him to lower the window. The man leaned down so that Jim could see his face. He held something up with one hand.

Jim opened his window just a crack. “What are you doing, Bill?”

“Sorry, Jim. I didn’t mean to scare you two. Cell phone doesn’t work out here so I couldn’t call. Marcia forgot to take her briefcase, so I tried to catch up with you two to give its back.”

Jim’s blond head turned to stare at his petite wife who was now wriggled sideways staring with her mouth open in relieved surprise.

“Oh, thank you, Bill.” She managed.

NOTE: This story is the result of a writing homework assignment for the Creative Writing Now course The Craft of Fiction Lesson 1: Something Interrupts the Ordinary World.


Please share with everyone you know. My audiobook The Purging Fire by Marlene Mesot is available through OverDrive Media at Greensboro NC Public Library. Let people know they can put a hold on it to borrow for a week.

Also, people having access to Hoopla through their public library have access to the book everywhere.

The narrator, Timothy G. Little, gave an outstanding performance. Thank you sincerely.


Marlene Mesot

Be sure to join us on Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/groups/434175414555004/

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