Raising Energy

Raising Energy

I’m going to try this, and once I’m plugged in, I’m going to start manifesting healing as much as is possible. Healing for my body. Healing for my spirit, soul, heart, and mind. Healing for situations needing fixed within my life, to make it better, richer, fuller, and more complete.

I am taking complete control of all issues, and things that have been out of control for far too long, and I’m creating a new life for Campbell, and me. We’re going to enjoy the next phase of our lives together as we’ve never done before.

This sickness I’ve had awakened a realization within me, and I have decided that to live for others and try to please everyone is taking from our lives. It is far too short to allow.

Read this post, and collect your own energy. Use it for your most awesome good.

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