Quick Update on Team Blue #What’sUp

Quick Update on Team Blue #What’sUp

Good evening, to All.

I hope this post finds you well. This note is going out multiple places, so if it repeats for you, please forgive.

For those reading on the blog, there will be a longer more detailed post later.

As most reading know, shortly after I moved into this apartment complex, Blue developed a fear of the bus ramp.

Over these past two years, I’ve tried multiple times to remedy the issue.

Last week, while a trainer from The Seeing Eye was here to evaluate mine and Blue’s work together, we “Just so happened” to get a driver for the bus, who drove in the days of my first guide, King Campbell.

*I do not believe in coincidence, and I did not just fall from the turnip truck*

Anyhow, he of course knew exactly how to correctly dock the bus at the curb, using the ramp to build a bridge straight from the curb to the inside of the bus removing the need to step down onto the street and then to the ramp.

Blue never had enough clearance to navigate in a way which felt safe to him and after I tripped once while doing it, he refused ever after.

Now, today, after the trainer and I showed him last week we could do it safely he is doing it nicely.

We’ve even been having other drivers learn under our tutelage.

I’ve only been trying to resolve this issue for two-years.

This is but one reason I want to move into a more walkable area with correct walking areas for a blind person. Yes,

I’ll still have need of a bus but with so many places within walking distance, I’m thinking not as much.

The Seeing Eye trainer and I also went to the area I’m considering for a move, and he found it adequate for a blind person’s walking needs.

More on boarding the bus correctly rather than the unsafe way and our trip to Bristol VA in the next post.

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For now, the coffee is hot. The weather is not. Blue is napping, and the Instacart order is on the way.

Thanks for reading.

May Harmony find You.

Blessid Be.

PS. I’d love to know what’s up in your world.

Please do comment or reply in some way to let me know.

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