Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Hi CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! Patty and Campbell here, to answer some random questions that have come our way. These questions range in topics from everything starting with What exactly does Campbell do for me, to why did I not ask for help leaving my EX Donnie when it was offered to me. I’d like to take a bit of time, and answer some of what folks want to know.

I do not at all mind answering questions if I can do so honestly and knowledgeably. I will not speak for another, and so there are some questions I have been asked, that I simply have no answer for. I’ll give you a way to deal with those questions at the end of this post. For now, set back, and enjoy. If, after you’ve read this, you have a question that did not show up here, then by all means write to me and let me know. You can either write back here in the comments section, or you may write privately. I can answer questions without publicizing your questions, and if I do I can do it without posting names.

OK let us begin…

Q) What exactly does Campbell do for you?

A) Campbell is a Seeing Eye Guide Dog, or as some call them Dog Gide. This means that he is a dog, a labrador in fact, who is trained with the specific task of guiding in mind. Campbell is trained to stop at steps, curbs, and all other obstacles that might cause me to fall. He is also trained in what is known as intelligent disobedience, and it is this training that lets me know that the belief that Campbell has no self awareness is false. Intelligent disobedience is when a dog is told to go “Forward” and deliberately disobeys its master or mistress. This is 9 out of 10 times caused by traffic not being clear. When I stop at a street crossing I listen to the flow of traffic, and according to flow and surge patterns, determine when it is safe to go. This is why, when you (The Driver) see us you need to…***FALLOW ALL TRAFFIC LAWS*** If everyone just stops, Campbell and I honestly become more anxious than if you’d just do what the heck you’re supposed to do, but if someone doesn’t fallow the rules, and pulls in front of us before it is their turn, or if I misread the cycle of traffic flow and surge, Campbell will ignore my command of “Forward” and simply refuse to go. His refusal is also normally accompanied by a rather large sneeze and loud wiggly waggly jangly jingly shake! Just in case I might have a notion of ignoring him. Kind of an “Just in case you did not hear me, STOP!” Moment.

Also sometimes we get what are called Traffic Checks, and this is another form of intelligent Disobedience. If we’re walking along, and suddenly a car comes out of no where, which has been known o happen especially in Wally World’s parking lot, Campbell will stop me and refuse to go onward, until the traffic has gone. I am always very relieved, and quite proud when he does this, and although we have had some close calls due to drivers not watching where they’re going, he has never let me down. He is ever watchful, and careful. Drew Gibbon and Jeff McMullen used to call him Cautious Campbell. They were right to do so. He even stops for large cracks in the side walk, and Drew told me once that he actually saw Campbell going round grasses growing in between the cracks in the walk ways when they were high. Said it made us look like we were drunk. I said, “Not yet!” Hehehaha! 🙃

Q) What, other than guiding is Campbell trained to do?

A) Nothing! He has no other formal training other than guiding. I, however was told to… “Take him home and customize him to my life.” Just before I left The Seeing Eye I was having all kinds of worry anxiety. Drew found me awake late one evening sitting in the lounge on my floor with my head in my hands worrying about all the little things I did every day that I had no actual training for. After listening to what must’ve sounded like a never ending list of trivial worries, Drew said patiently, “Take him home and make it work. Mold his training and him into your every day life. Sometimes you might even find you make it up as you go along, just do it! And Enjoy it!” Of all the training I took there, that ladies and gents, was some of the best advice I got. Did it work? ABSOLUTELY! Do we have it all figured out with nothing new to learn? NO! That’s the fun of it, it never stops getting better and better! It’s like having this real neat car. You know? All pimped out, and just when you think you’ve seen all it has to offer, you find just that one more thing to love.

Q) When you went to The Seeing Eye and began to realize how wrong things were in your life, why did you go home?

A) Before someone writes and says that was a rude question, let me say, it is one I have asked myself time and time again. First let me just say, “Love really and truly is blind” at that time, I had no idea Donnie was engaging in the types of activities he was and although he could be rather hurtful with his words, other than a couple of really rough shoving sessions, and his having slapped me the night before my trip to the school, I’d never been given reason to be frightened of him. Oh! He could get loud, rude, and crude, but other than the things I have just mentioned he showed no real sign of violence, and since I had a pretty low opinion of myself even after all of the encouragement I was given while in training, I believed allot of his behavior was deserved. So, although I thought about it, I really believed that I could show Donnie how most awesomely independent I could be, how much more I could contribute to our family unit, and that he would want me more than ever. (WRONG!)

Q) Why, when Drew came to see you, and Donnie hurt you the night before he was to go back to Jersey did you not tell him, and let him help?

A) TRUTH! I was scared! Scared Drew might try and find a way to take Campbell from me. Scared he might somehow believe it were my fault, and, I even worried that if he did not like the things Donnie did to me, he might go all male on me and want to kick his ass, and while there was a part of me that would’ve loved nothing more than for Drew to do that, I knew it certainly was not worth the trouble it would cause, and I wanted to protect Drew from all that nastiness. In the end, y secrets caused a whole hell of allot of trouble that neither me or them were worth.

Q) Why after all this time have you decided to move, and why do you no longer feel happy and safe in your home?

A) The financial situation has gotten so bad for me that maintaining this home, and any sort of normal life style is impossible. The house is also too big for me physically to maintain and the memories that are triggered here have begun to cause me psychiatric damage beyond repair, so it is time to go. There is a post here on the blog, (Oh! What a Difference a Decision Makes) that tells that tale.

I hope this has answered some of your questions. If not please let me know.

If you’re not comfortable writing in the comment section, you may write me at:

If you have questions about my book, or anything I have written concerning Drew or The Seeing Eye you may write in care of the person in question at: Someone will get back to you.

At the end of the day I think they’re fabulous, and that there is no better place on this Earth to get a dog from.

I hope to have many more before I am through here on this Earth.

To learn all about this most magickal and ancient land, and all their wise and ancient trainers like Mr. Gibbon visit

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