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The following information is from Sally Cronin. If you’re not participating in her marketing opportunities, you are seriously missing out.

Before I copy what she sent me to put out for your free use, I’d just like to say, that whilst some of you are great at commenting on posts when they first come out, you’re very thoroughly missing the ball on follow up comments. Also, I’m not noticing very many people bothering to share posts either. This is not only happening on my blog but others’ as well and you are not doing a great job at ingratiating yourself with those who are going out of their way to promote you to thousands of people.

Listen folks, a lot of people go out of their way to help me help you and all we expect is for you to do your part. So, before you decide to participate in the below opportunity or any other which may be shared here in future I ask you to decide whether you’re willing to put forth the effort to do what is needed.

My supervisor once said, “Those you’re helping need to be willing to work 51 percent harder than you are.” He was right.

  1. If you’re willing to work, then here is info from someone who is going above and beyond for authors all over the world and she’s got the following to prove it works.



Getting into the Reading Room

If you are already an author in the main bookstore then I will automatically share your children’s books in this directory.

If you are not already in the Cafe and Bookstore please email me with the following to

  1. Link to Amazon for the book ( and even  if you have just one book please set up an author page on both Amazon US and UK as English speakers across Europe use that site) as this is an essential marketing tool and makes it a great deal easier for people like myself who are promoting your work) Also if you have a central book link site on your blog or website that is useful. I can only promote your book effectively online if it is on Amazon and even more so if it is also in Eversion.
  2. I will need an author profile photo or image and your official author’s bio.  Please send any images attached to the email not inserted into it.
  3. You main social media links including website, blog, twitter, facebook, linkedin, and goodreads . Links in full please not short links, I will do that when they are inserted into the post.
  4. Goodreads is an essential site for an author, particularly now with Amazon’s policy of only allowing you to post a review on your country of origin. In recent months Amazon has been updating reviews and sharing them on multiple sites which is helpful. On Goodreads you don’t have to have bought the book from Amazon (so bookstores and other online bookshops) and also you don’t have to spend £50 or $50 for the right to review a book that you have been sent as an ARC or gifted! This means that reviews from around the world can be posted and seen by potential readers.
  5. In my experience of promoting authors in the last 20 years, it is not as effective if you do not have some presence on social media and a central page on Amazon or Goodreads where readers can connect with you and see all your work together in one place.
  6. If  you do not have at least two social media accounts then you are limiting your book marketing potential.

What I will do.

  1. I have 45,000 + connections around my social media platforms of Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Goodreads, Pinterest, and Facebook and I will automatically link the post to those sites and also boost again during the day.
  2. The post will be included in the weekly round up on Sundays.
  3. Your books (up to 7 covers of recent books) along with your profile photo, book covers, links to Amazon and your main website will then be put into the bookstore.
  4. You can then be included in the reading room updates which will go out once a week with any new releases and with exceptional reviews (for the reviews would suggest leaving six weeks between being included in an update)
  5. Your books will stay in the Reading Room automatically for six months and after that as long as there are new books or current reviews within the last three months.

Please read

I love promoting other authors and I am very happy to do so as a FREE service but it does take considerable time during the week to compile and promote  posts with several authors work. It makes a difference when authors participate in the process. Also it works best when authors in the Reading Room share other author’s updates from time to time. If you feel that you don’t have the time to participate in your own promotions or from time to time support the other authors in the cafe, then perhaps this promotion is not for you.

I also ask authors to individually respond to comments from readers of their promotions including in the weekly updates, as it does encourage both engagement and sales.


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