Press Release: Joshua – Blind Man Walking

Press Release: Joshua – Blind Man Walking

Dear Blind Post subscribers, and friends of Blind Man Walking,

The following is a press release about a martial arts event I am participating in on Saturday, January 14. In place of my normal article, I am including it here. This program means a lot to me. No matter who you are, or what obstacles you face, it is possible for you to study martial arts.

Take care and God Bless,


Dateline: San Diego, California, United States

On January 14, 2017, eleven members of Blind Community Martial Arts San Diego will test for black belt promotions. This is the largest black belt test since the program began. Chief Instructor Mario Schapp and Lee Morton, former Director of the Blind Community Center of San Diego, made an idea become reality, and they are both recognized for the start of the current program. In November 2005 BCMA held its first martial arts class at the Blind Community Center of San Diego. They began as a Self Defense group with just a hand full of students, Lee Morton, Jerry Wilson, Aurora Ortiz and Kathy Hennan. After implementing curriculum and ranking standards, BCMA restructured its program in 2008 to become a Karate oriented martial arts school open to anyone, while paying specific attention to working with members of the blind and visually impaired community and persons with disabilities. In 2010 the group connected with ChunJiDo International, a martial arts organization founded by Grandmaster Robert Cutrell. They were recognized as a ChunJiDo Affiliate School in 2011. The school’s first black belt test took place in July 2012. Five students tested. The second black belt test took place in June, 2014, with ten students testing to receive the high honor.

Of the eleven people testing, the average age is 57, with the oldest student, 88, testing for his 3rd degree black belt. The youngest student testing is 35. Many of those testing have significant visual impairment, even total blindness. Some of the students have multiple health challenges, in addition to their visual impairment. All continue to train with the heart of a warrior.

Scot Conway, Founder of the Guardian Martial Arts and Senior Master Instructor at Guardian Quest Martial Arts Dojo in Spring Valley, has graciously opened the doors of his school for this momentous occasion. He has done this free of charge as a gesture of good will and support to martial artists striving for improvement, regardless of the challenges they face.

Please join us on Saturday January 14, 2017, at 8:30 AM at the following address:

Guardian Quest Martial Arts Dojo

2782-E Sweetwater Springs Blvd.

Spring Valley, CA 91977

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Joshua Loya, one of the assistant instructors, who is also testing for a promotion: 

Phone: 619-273-3657



Lori Motis

Publisher & Editor of The Blind Post


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