Prayers for Campbell Please…He’s still sick.

Prayers for Campbell Please…He’s still sick.



My vet just called. Campbell’s bladder infection did not respond to the medications we were given a week or so back. They’re sending new medications. I am so very upset. Just this morning I had him in harness and out for a walk. He was nonresponsive to commands, disobedient and this is not his way. He feels very bad, and I feel horrible because I did not know he was still so very sick. I’d have never put him in harness and under stress in that way had I known. Please Please? Send prayers and energy? My boy is ever important to me.

I have been in touch with The Seeing Eye and hhis vet is in direct contact with theirs. I’m scared!!!

I have very little support system here! Am in many ways quite alone! Please? Pray for my boy!!!



  1. Dear Friend, just read this, and hope to hear good news soon. Prayers are on the way and will continue. Poor Campbell, hope he recovers soon. Love and a hug to you both, Tasha

    1. We’re hopeful this new medication will do the trick. I fear if it doesn’t he might have to stay in hospital and he and I have only been separated once over night in all the time we’ve been together. I simply do not leave him.

  2. We will hope and pray. Stay in touch and let me know how you are both doing, Love and a hug, Tasha

    1. We will do it!

  3. mgreen594musicspring Reply
    March 23, 2017

    Hi Patti, I’m praying.

    I can understand how you feel, having a guide dog myself. Meagan

    1. Thanks much. Today his meds came in the mail. I stuffed his first dose into a part of a banana and fed it to him since his food time had passed. I could’ve pilled him as trained but these pills are huge, and I did not feel like fighting him on it. Just wanted the meds in his tummy. Thanks for reading and commenting. It is appreciated.

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