Positive Perspective: WOW! Where Did the Week Go? It’s Saturn’s Day Again, and Conclution of Disaster In a Strange Land

Positive Perspective: WOW! Where Did the Week Go? It’s Saturn’s Day Again, and Conclution of Disaster In a Strange Land

Good Super Saturn’s Day CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! WOW! Can you believe it’s Saturn’s Day again already? WOW! Time really does fly when you’re having fun! I don’t know why some weeks seem to go more quickly than others. It seems to me we’ve the same amount of time each and every day but of course time is only an elusion we created, so I guess the reason time went so quick this week was because I’ve been having so much fun, and just haven’t thought about it.

Speaking of time, Campbell and I woke early this AM. Quite literally were up by 4. I woke just before and went to the bathroom, and when I opened the door a few minutes later Campbell was there in all his alive wakefulness ready to eat, and go outside. As I stood by the sink, washing the sleep from my eyes, he kept touching my leg with his very cold nose every few seconds to make sure I did not forget he was there and waiting.

As we made our way into the kitchen, me for morning coffee, and him for his breakfast, I said, “Campbell let us not have an issue like yesterday.” As you know if you read yesterday’s Positive Perspective installment, I had one heck of a coffee spill. Was quite literally the Coffee Flood Disaster of 2017. I tell you I never cleaned so much in my life. Well, maybe but WOW! It was a mess to be sure. When last we left you, I was here on the couch with a cup of coffee, and Bobby’s alarm was going off. We were waiting to learn if he would be able to see I’d flooded the counter tops earlier that morning.

As I sat waiting for him to come out of the bathroom and make his way into the kitchen I worried I’d not gotten all that coffee up. It really had gone hell to breakfast, and I could only hope I’d not missed any. Since he too has a visual problem, I said, “I had a little mishap earlier. I’m sure I got it all but you might want to…” my words trailed off as I heard him say, “It’s over here by the Frig. What happened.” I sat there for a moment in stunned silence. I was not quite prepared for him to tell me that coffee had somehow made its way all the way over to the frig. I relayed the events of the morning to him, and he said, “WOW! You did a good job then cause all’s that’s left is right here by the frig.” He cleaned it up and the rest of that morning went without a hitch.

Bobby went to work, and I sat about my morning tasks, and readied Campbell and myself to go out when Bobby returned from work. I was glad to see my clumsy behavior had gone away.

Soon the morning was gone, and We were setting out for the bus stop and whatever adventures awaited us.

Bobby Campbell and I caught the bus with no problem, and as we rode we chatted a bit with passengers around us. People came and went as we stopped round town, and I began to pay attention to the names of the streets being announced by the bus’s Talking GPS system. After a while we were stopping by the Mall stop from our trip out the other day, and although Campbell did not stand, he did nudge my foot, alerting me to that stop. I praised him and said, “No Bubba not this one.” Just then we gained a new driver, and the other went on his break. It turned out to be the driver we’d had earlier in the week, and he said, “Well, there’s Bubba.” Made me smile. I said to Bobby, “I could move down here, and it wouldn’t be any time at all till the drivers would get to know us just like the ones in Kingsport do.

After not much more time at all we’d reached our stop and were making our way into the store. First thing, Campbell looked to his left when we entered the inside door. Even though the Kroger is much different than our Super Food City, Campbell still was trying to do what he usually did, and that was to find a service desk. I gently directed him to follow Bobby and a moment later, Campbell was flying on down the trail catching quickly up with Bobby and our cart. I dropped the harness handle, took up the slack in the leash, and Campbell healed neatly by my side as we made our way through the isles of the store, picking up items here and there as we went.

When we were all done and checked out, we made our way back out into the afternoon sun, and after gathering our groceries, and dividing them up between mine and Bobby’s backpacks we were ready to go on. We had some time to kill, we were hungry, so we stopped at Subway to get some lunch. As we sat eating together, Campbell lay quietly at my feet, and when we were all done, and ready to catch the bus, he worked his way out of the sand witch shop with no problem at all, did not sniff or bother one person and followed Bobby beautifully back to the bus stop.

As we walked from our stop back to the apartments later in the afternoon, Bobby and I noted a trouble spot Campbell and I were having with the entrance to the apartment complex parking lot, and have decided that since I’m not leaving until Sunday we’re going to try and work on it this afternoon. I believe I might know what the trouble is, and we’re hopeful of fixing it. It could, if we are not careful become a danger to Campbell and me, so we would like to clear it up.

Come back again soon to see if we can clear up the issue, and how we manage to get it done.

PS. Make sure to remind me to tell you about spilling an entire box of blueberries. LOL! Turns out my clumsy spell did not end with the coffee.
Until next time this is the Ever Clumsy Patty and her Steady Seeing Eye Dog King Campbell AKA Bubba saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.


The world is not perfect, so I need not be perfect.

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  1. Sounds like you’re having an enjoyable vacation. That’s great! May you have safe travels back home. Penny

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