Positive Perspective: What Good Is a Wasted Day?

Positive Perspective: What Good Is a Wasted Day?

Hello CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS! Here’s hoping today has been a Terrific Tuesday, and that you’ve totally enjoyed your day. Today’s question, what good is a wasted day, is one that came to me this afternoon after coming home from a visit with my dad and sister. Not because I felt the day was wasted, but because both my sister, and I kept saying, “Wow I’ve not gotten one thing done today, this has been a wasted day.” But was it? My dad and sister got their doctor’s appointments taken care of, errands run, picked Campbell and I up and we all had an early dinner together, and wonderful visit. I, had things planned, but sat them aside and spent the day with my family, which is something I do not get to do quite often enough. So was today a wasted day? Not at all, but if that is so, why did we keep saying it was?

To me this is the answer. When I was working as Volunteer Coordinator for Contact Concern of NOrtheast Tennessee I ran at full speed at least 6 out of 7 if not all 7. If I worked from home, I always tried to combine work and whatever might be going on with family or friends. My sister, works a very demanding job, and as did I runs at full speed any time she is on the job. So it is my belief that when folks who are used to being busy, and having allot expected of them find themselves going at half speed rather than full speed, their conditioning kicks in and alarms start sounding “Warning! Warning! Work Stoppage In Progress!” Why? BEcause today’s world of hurry hurry demands it be so.

Just this evening as I was reading Stephen King’s The Talisman the character Jack was walking through the Taritories, a land belonging to a parallel universe, thinking of how odd it was to be in an area where there were no TVS telephones, light poles, or any other thing. Just wide open spaces, beautiful skies, and lands, and realizing just how very awesome this was. This made me realize just how over stimulated we all have become, and worst yet, how used to it we’ve become. So much so, when we slow down even the slightest bit it is almost uncomfortable.

It has made me decide that for at least one hour each day, I am going to cut off all E-devices. TVS RAdios, and the like, turn off the phone so I cannot be disturbed, and simply sit, or lie in the complete silence, and do not one thing. I am going to teach my body and mind to simply relax, and learn to enjoy the sound of my very own thoughts, and the feel of my own heart beating within my chest. I am going to learn every part of my being. Body, Mind, and Soul, and I am going to train myself to become one in a whole new way with the world in which I live. I am curious to know just what things I may learn. What sounds I might hear, things I may feel, and new ideas may come from the thoughts my mind will be able to have. I wonder if I will learn to think in a whole new way. Breath in a more complete fashion, and find things out about myself that I never before knew. If I conduct this experiment is it possible I might find the answer to my question, ‘what good is a wasted day’ one hour at a time? If so, how many hours will it take to begin to do so, and will there ever come an end to what I might learn? Stay tuned to my ‘Positive Perspective’ series and find out.

Until next time this is Patty and the ever positive pup King Campbell AKA Bubba saying…

May harmony find you, and blessid be.

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