Positive Perspective: Tuesday and Woden’s Day Catch Up sickness and Strength

Positive Perspective: Tuesday and Woden’s Day Catch Up sickness and Strength

Hi CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! So glad yall stopped by, but sure glad you’ve waited till this evening. I’ve had some kind of horrible 24 hours or so. Right after I posted my update on The Raw Truth and all last evening I fell extremely ill. Just all of a sudden. Don’t know if it was a medication I took that my doctor had given me for my knee, or a flu bug or both, but WOW! Sick, doesn’t quite cover what I’ve felt over this last night and day. My stomach would not even accept water for a long time today, and for a little while I was starting to think I might have to go to the ER but as I am typing it is a bit before 8 in the evening, and I have finally been able to keep down tea and a bit of food, so I’m feeling a bit stronger.

I tell yall between my knee and this stomach upset it has been very hard to keep my ‘Positive Perspective’ but I’m proud to say I’ve managed it pretty well.

During this day while I’ve been so sick, when I was not sleeping, I listened to various news programs on NPR Radio. I am disappointed, and dismayed in our country. This too makes it harder than ever to be ‘Positive’ I however am determined to not allow the events around me make me hard, angry and bitter. I’ve worked way too hard to come away from all that to allow it to come back into play now.

It is my hope however to find a way to resist some of the things that are happening. I believe very strongly in the movement to resist our current President Trump. This hurts my heart to say. Never before have I in my lifetime of knowledge concerning Presidents have I come to a place where I could find no common ground with our nation’s leader, but other than the fact that I believe we do need to increase our military and keep more jobs within our country I can find nothing that I get along with him about, and the ways in which he wants to make the few things I do agree with him on bother me so that I cannot get behind him even there.

So, what to do? First off never before have I had a desire to become involved in politics, so I know just enough to be dangerous. LOL! Secondly, what can I do? Learn. I am reading, and studying. I ave plans to take an American history and government class, and I plan to learn all I can and then write my perspectives on what I learn concerning today’s happenings.

I also hope to, during my research come upon a local group of some kind to get involved with. On top of this, I plan to become extremely involved with local and state government and elections. It is my belief that our future Presidents will come from these, but also that we must build a stronger government around our President so that when people like Mr. Trump are elected we have some strong hands holding the reigns. Scary to see what he’s done just in the few days he has been officially in power. Can you imagine what shape our country will be in by the time his first 100 days are over with? OOO! I hate to think of it.

Firing people because they “Question if something is legal” This sounds like the beginning of a real problem to me. Does he not know that some of his “Advisors” are supposed to disagree with him, and help to keep in check? Sure he does. Is he going to allow it? Obviously not. Add these things together and what do you get? If we’re not careful we’ll have a dictatorship, instead of a Presidency. Could it happen? If you’re sitting round thinking, “Oh surely not in my country.” Think again.

Be aware be prepared. That’s all I can advise.

Please? Don’t let these things come between you and loved ones though, because there will come a day when we’re all going to need one another badly.

When I draw Tarot Cards, and do forecasts the things I see frighten me to no end, but I don’t need those to tell me what is right in front of my eyes. I only need turn on the morning’s news to learn this.

Pray with me for our country. For our leaders, yes even Donald Trump. He is redeemable, he is a creation of God’s just as any other, and so I place him in the God/Goddess’s hands, and pray for the highest good to be done.

I pray for our law makers, and those who keep the law. I pray for all faith leaders, and I am hopeful that we will survive these next 4 years.

Well, that doesn’t sound way positive does it? Sorry folks, sometimes life is ugly. The trick is not to get so wrapped up that you cannot see the beauty in life. So each day I take a break from news, and rough things, and spend time with Goddess. I also take time to have real fun. Even here on the loveseat I can have fun. I read other’s blogging, and share what I like. I read fantasy fiction novels like those I have recently read, such as the Talisman, and Black House, and the one I’m reading now, Usher’s Passing. Talk about family secrets, politics and power gone wrong! It is wonderful to pull from the stink of reality sometimes and just escape into a world of fun and fantasy.

This brings me to my next subject. My Lady MoonWalker Stories. Those are fun, and while I did get my inspiration from a hard situation I’ve come through, and yes folks the inspiration for Derrick the Spiritual Guide did come from my Wise and Ancient Trainer at The Seeing Eye, the series is going to be much more than that. It is going to touch on all the issues of today. It is going to go in a direction of reuniting and blurring lines. It is going to raise awareness of multiple disAbilities and the need for more organizations to learn how to cope with and assist all disAbilities especially when there is blindness and mental illness mixed in.

I have many awesome plans for the future, and I hope you’ll come along with me and see what I can make them be.

Until next time this is Patty regaining her health, and King Campbell AKA Bubba saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.


  1. Hello and a hug! Just a thought on the tarot cards. I have been reading cards professionally for more than thirty years and have found that when I read for myself I must be mindful not to let my fears or apprehensions cloud my interpretations. Even negative cards can actually mean a good outcome perhaps after something that resolves a problem. I had an acquaintance who took all the so called “bad” cards out of the deck because she as trying to avoid “bad” messages. It is important to look with a positive eye at what we read. If you want to give me any examples perhaps I can help. Warmest Blessings and a Happy Candlemas.

    1. First of all, thanks much for reading, and commenting. Nice to hear from folks. Secondly, I know of not letting our own thoughts and fears bring forth answers. Once I’m over this flu all the way, I’ll write you privately and we’ll talk over the cards. I believe some good may be in the future but I believe it is going to take quite a while to see.

      I worry how backward some decisions being made will take our great nation, but of course all things do cycle in and out.

      I do not believe in trying to rid a deck or anything else of all the bad. Goodness sake, without the bad we would never know what we wanted no more of, nor could we enjoy the good.

      Thanks again for reading, and blessid be.

      1. Let’s do chat about cards and such. Any time. Hugs, Tasha

        1. Sure enough. Soon.

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