Positive Perspective: Traveling, and Early Morning Book Reviews

Positive Perspective: Traveling, and Early Morning Book Reviews

Good Woden’s Day CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! Campbell and I here, wishing you a happy awesome day! We’re getting ready to travel to Knoxville Tennessee to visit our good friend Bobby. We’re excited to finally be making this trip happen. Having a friend whom you like to visit that lives out of the town you live in, and being blind can be a real challenge. Add on top of that the fact that Bobby’s job is quite demanding, and you have a heck of a situation sometimes. We haven’t seen one another since late summer, and for Campbell and I going to visit him is a real treat. He is by far one of the bestest friends we have.

If you’ve read some of our earlier blog posts, and excerpts from our upcoming book The Raw Truth you know that when Campbell and I went to visit there for the very first time, Campbell let us know in no uncertain terms that he approved! Now, when I get out my suit case Campbell gets really excited. Woe be unto me if I ever take him some place other than to Bobby’s when I pack that suit case. He will be mad fur sure. LOL!

Our plan for today is, to go out early this morning, and pickup a few items for our trip, visit quickly with a friend, and then head to the house to finish last minute packing. Then at 1 PM this afternoon, or shortly after, NET Trans will be to pick us up and take us to Johnson City to their Gray Hound bus station. There’s some problem here with our bus station and I don’t trust it to pick up and I cannot bu a ticket at that station because it is closed, so this was our only option. The bus is to run at 3 and Campbell and I plan to be on it.

When we catch the bus it will be a 2 and 1/2 hour or so ride, during which we will not leave the bus even when it makes stops. Getting Campbell onto and off of a Gray Hound bus is a chore to be sure, and so unless we’re going to be off for more than just a few minutes, or unless Campbell let’s me know he has a problem we stay put once we’re settled. This is a bit stressful for him, but he handles it pretty well.

Once we reach the Knoxville station, we’ll meet our cab there, and be on our way to Bobby’s. Some have asked why he doesn’t meet me there. Well, the answer is rather simple. He doesn’t drive either, because he too has a visual impairment so unless he could get someone to drive him, taking a cab or Uber to pick us up and then go back to his house would be silly and expensive. Unless we wanted to go out for some reason after, which neither Campbell or I would want there’s just no reason. There are always cabs sitting in front of the station, so getting assisted to one, and on our way is never much of a problem. I have never waited more than 15 minutes for one, and that is just time enough for me to grab a bathroom break and get outside again so it works out pretty well. Campbell is excited too. Like I say he knows what that suit case means, and so I was not at all surprised when yesterday shortly after I sat it out and opened it, Campbell began putting in his toys. “A dog’s gotta have his things on a trip, doncha know?”

While Campbell and I have been planning and getting ready for our upcoming adventure, we have had some snow here in the Campbell Kingdom. As you know from our earlier writings this week, it has been quite challenging, but we’ve come through it all right, and we’ve read some great books to pass the time. Just before the snow hit, we finished book 11 Knife of Dreams, in the Wheel of Time Series by, Robert Jordan. To say this was one of my favorite books in that series would be an understatement. The action of battle was fabulously described throughout the book, the travels Matt and his band of travelers took was awesome, exciting and allot of little questions got answered, and the accident that Rand (the Dragon Reborn) had will change his life forever, and even the most powerful of the witches could not heal him and make him completely whole again. What happened? AWW! You’ll have to read and find out. LOL How a man can marry and bond 3 women is beyond me, but I think that might just be a bit of fun, so well… Who am I to doubt?

When we finished that book, I tried 2 or 3 others, but nothing caught my attention until I happened upon the Talisman by Stephen King, and Peter Straub. I have to say, that has thus far, been one of the very best books I ever read and was the first of anything with Straub in it I ever experienced. “Right here and now, Woolf!” If you don’t know what that phrase means, you’ll have to read the book. You won’t be disappointed.

In this book we meet charcters who might find their way into the Dark Tower series. We see things that make that stuff make more since. We learn of a parallel universe like no other, and we find the very key to all worlds. Yes, “There are other worlds than this.”

Jack, who is only 12 years old, sets out on a quest for a Talisman, which is said will not only save his dying mother’s life, but the life of her Twinner the queen of the Territories, who is also dying. Along his way he finds himself getting into and out of one mess after another. He gets a job in a bar who’s owner is just a tad bit crazy, and a whole lot violent. He finds himself and a friend from the Territories committed to a “Home for wayward boys” that is much more than what it seems, and more. If you like spooky suspenseful books, this is the book for you. No romance, or six in this book, but lots of other great stuff to keep you on the edge of your set for many days of happy enjoyment.

I loved this book so very much, that as soon as it was over I downloaded one that was written afterward called Black House. Also by King and Straub. This is set in a time 20 years later, and we find that Jack is a retired police officer, who has for what reason I have not learned yet, forgotten about his adventures long ago, or has he? I have only just begun to read so my questions are, Did he really forget? How could he have done so if he did? What happened to his friend Richard? And will there be more Woolfs? I don’t know, and if you don’t either, then let us read together.

For now, Campbell and I must go. The washer is about to finish with the very last of my traveling things, and I am about to need more coffee. We wish you an awesome Woden’s Day, and until next time this is Patty and her Traveling King Campbell AKA Bubba saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be. “Right here, and now! Woolf!”


Happiness is walking with my guide by my side!

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